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Sunday, February 05, 2006


Many apologies. I've been spending most of my time at Do Not Resuscitate II. Copying and pasting text that has been pre-formatted is such a pain! The section from PubMed is all screwy. Never say I don't do anything out of the goodness of my heart. Of course, you may disregard the numerous links to too. So for those of you who got to this site searching for "Do Not Resuscitate" and "Do Not Resuscitate in the Philippines", etc, please proceed to the blog linked above (and to the side). Thirty links to various articles, and I might just keep adding more links.

Spent quite some time in the garden again today. Dad mentioned seeing an unusual spider in a corner of the garden yesterday and earlier in the day, I tried to locate it. To no avail. So I took photos of the miniature portulacas, a feather in the drain nearby, and moss.

Later in the evening, I managed to find the elusive spider. I hadn't known that I walked into the web that morning. Poor spider. I took at least five photos of that magnificent arachnid. Background was cool too. Unfortunately, in my haste to take more photos an hour later, I inadvertantly formatted the internal memory without transferring the images beforehand. I thought I had already done that. Tsk! Well, always tomorrow to try again.

Let's see, I also took some photos of the bougainvillea flowers set against the cloudy blue sky. The problem with taking all pix at the highest resolution (5MP), apart from the limited number of shots, is that I have to crop and resize the photos later. And it does get tedious. That's one of the reasons why I take so long to update. Plus, I tend to multitask as well (and not succeeding in accomplishing much). Right now, I've got five tabs open in Firefox (I just upgraded to 1.5), and listening at

It's late now. I'll leave you with a nice little shot of a cool-looking periwinkle flower, and blooming pussy-willows. Take care, all!