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Friday, March 31, 2006


Second submission to PhotoFriday. My first intentionally b&w photo. Too lazy to venture any further than my room door, so I took a pic of the doorknob! =) Still looks shiny and metallic-y. Hope no one has taken any doorknob pix yet. Then again, if they did, they've probably have done a better job. The other three pix were blurry. Happy photosurfing, PhotoFriday-ers!

We now continue with regular programming...

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

First day of the power outage

First off, this was one of the rejected submissions to Interfacelift. Due to the fact that:
a) I don't really know how to use Photoshop and
b) had a lousy background that showed a dim coffeetable (with lacy tablecloth),
I made it all black and I forget what that function in PS was. Was it 'Find Edges'?

Anyways, as I mentioned before, the power outage was scheduled today. The alarm woke me up at 9:01am (must have been sleeping through a minute of Annie Lennox's "No More I Love You's") but I lingered until 9:20am. I remembered that the last time they said 9:30am, they did it at 11am. But I still dragged myself out of bed to shower (with the heater on - yes, hot humid country and I'm using the heater?? Well, a cold shower is just too cold. I suffered when I was staying at the hostel) and had I woken up a minute earlier, I wouldn't have washed my face with cold water. Well, at least it was just my face. =)

Well, from 9:35am - 5pm, it was just hell. I took some photos in the garden, fed some mosquitoes. Oh yes! I checked out the lime plant and the aphids are GONE! Saw many ladybird larvae making their rounds. If the lime plant was a town in a Western, the ladybird larvae are the Cavalry! Blue uniforms and hats, riding on horses kicking up a dust storm.

Lay on the floor after lunch, but the floor was too hard. Decided to try knitting again. Got confused with all the different kinds of casting on. Found one I could do. I am still halfway through the first row. Hehehe...

At 5pm, followed Mum to town. Checked out the bank I am to visit tomorrow. Mum parked in the parking lot of the wrong bank (the intended location was just across the street). Snooped around the outside. People were using the ATM, so I couldn't check to see if the screen was dusty, etc. Went to two stores after that and returned home at 6:40pm. Figured we'd watch the American Idol repeat at 8pm. Dad said the electricity came back on by 6pm.

Before leaving the house, spotted a big spider on the wall. Took out my trusty Kodak and snapped.

To Alex who left comments. They don't show 'The Sopranos' here. And the only shows I try to get recent episodes of are 'Ghost Whisperer' and 'Lost'. Hence my missing the reference to the show.

To the many people from PhotoFriday (though I doubt they go any further than the Smooth link), thank you for checking the pic out. I hope it wasn't a waste of your visit.

To the visitors from Interfacelift, thank you for checking out this site. Two people have left positive comments about my submission, so Yaay! And I was telling myself, "Better no comments than negative comments!" I have to remind myself that most people to Interfacelift don't have Papaya plants/trees growing in their gardens. The Papaya's leaf structure is unusual for them. Hmmm...what other things would be unusual for Interfacelift?

Wish me luck tomorrow at the bank! I hope I don't mess things up and forget what I'm supposed to do. Note to self: Must check drains in front of premises. *g*

Take care, all!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

They chose my Papaya Leaves!

Well, I was checking my sitemeter stats and noticed a referral from I thought, "Yeah, like someone would look through the profiles of all those who joined - unless..." Yes! They finally chose one of my 10-plus submissions! I didn't change the lighting or anything. I sent four submissions in the past few days and the papaya leaf pic was sent in last night. I was getting disheartened by the day. I thought that because preference was being given to those who also submitted the 1680 x 1050 resolution, I'd never be picked.

I was also slightly ticked off when other people sent in images that just had something drawn smack dab in the middle of the picture and they were chosen. Well, my faith has been restored. I just need to find some really good pix in my collection of blurry, overexposed, underexposed, ill-composed shots. Yaay anyway. Donating my blood to the mosquitoes (and squishing a rotten wax apple underfoot while taking this pic) was well worth it.

I bet if I told my parents about this, they'd ask if I'll get paid.'s the recognition, the feeling of accomplishment, that I'm actually doing something right. Heh...yeah, I'll stop now before this all goes into my head. Might just be a fluke (slow night at Interfacelift).

Take care, y'all!

p/s: If you want this Papaya Leaves shot as your wallpaper, please go to the interfacelift site. You can choose the best resolution and also give a rating kot (perhaps). :)

Update: Just told my Mum, and she asked if I'd get any money for it. I know them too well.


I took this pic on the 24th. I took a lot of shots, mostly blurry but that was because there were so many mosquitoes back there. It's near the septic tanks and I'm sure it's mosquito city in there. Anyways, after clicking away at the two love birds I told Dad what I had done and showed him the pix. First thing he said was, "Ladybird porn!" Hehehe...

Must be the season for ladybirds. I saw many in the chilli bush and I had hoped that some would turn up on the lime bush because I saw many aphids wiggling their little behinds as they sucked on the new shoots. But instead of attacking the aphids, these two had other things in mind. Hmmm... Or perhaps, on seeing the ample food supply, they decided to make babies so that their little offspring could have a feast after they hatched.

Am over 200 games behind. Oh well. I'm just making her work for first place. *evil grin*
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Monday, March 27, 2006


Seventeen hits from PhotoFriday! Maybe I should have cropped that pic. It doesn't look as nice when it's small like that.

Currently #2 in the game with almost 200 games between me and #1. I'm not that obsessed anymore. The best thing about being #2 is that I have a target to aim for. Being #1, you just don't know how many times you have to play to stay on top. And another thing - two more days of power outages scheduled for this week. No use building a lead to find it crumbled by the time I get online again.

Here's a little quiz I did today.

Take this test at Tickle

Your lucky charm is a Scarab!

What's Your Lucky Charm?

Brought to you by Tickle

I took quite a few pix today as there was a thunderstorm last night and the leaves were still laden with raindrops.

Ugh, I have to memorize a questionnaire for my first assignment as a 'Mystery Shopper'. Why did it have to be a bank? I mean, one that I've never been to?

My phobia is entering the premises at a supposedly peak time (12noon to 2pm) and seeing no other customer there. Taking a queue ticket would look tons suspicious, if you ask me. And how would I be able to find the time (and be inconspicuous) to check out the brochures and cleanliness, etc? Wish I could take pix of the premises and I wouldn't have to memorize those parts of the questionnaire. Unfortunately, taking pix is not allowed (well, they might think I was planning a heist). Then again, that bank has got to be the most unpopular bank in town. It's nowhere near where all the major banks are and on the roof is a swiftlet hotel. They play swiftlet calls 24/7 to entice the birds to nest there and then collect the nests to sell for profit. Think birds' nest soup. Quite yummy, really. Yes, I am aware that it's nothing but feathers and bird spit. *grin*

Take care, all.

Update: The countries I've visited (stepping down at the airport during transit counts too, right? *grin*).

create your own visited countries map
or vertaling Duits Nederlands


First submission to

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Current status

Position as at 10:22pm: #1. Leading by 50,000 points (50 good games, 100 not so good games). Aching back: check. painful elbows: check. (As Laptop is on bed, I either lay on my stomach and prop on my elbows to play, or hunch down and prop elbows on thighs).

It'll only take between 100 and 200 minutes before #2 catches up to me. Been playing constantly, and now the game board doesn't look skewed, it's totally different now. It sure is alarming how my mind plays tricks on me. Anyways, I think I'll play until 3am, and then let #2 play all night while I sleep. I can always catch up in the daytime.

Ugh, why does this game have to end only on the 1st of May? Oh yes, I didn't win the Nokia 6111. The darn notice on the site said that the winners would be announced on the 21st, but didn't update until the 24th!! Boo!

In case I missed anybody...

Register at and put 'Tigrrr' as your referrer. :) Malaysians only.

Take care, all. I'm off to widen the gap between #1 and #2.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Thank you

I don't know if the person who put me as their referrer yesterday came from this site, the forum, or the bulletin on Friendster. Either way, I'd like to show my gratitude by saying a HUGE thank you. In fact, I have half a mind to send something over to the person involved. I might be second, but every little bit counts.

As soon as my score increased, it prompted the leader to play a lot more. *evil grin* Perhaps I shouldn't play at all. A pretense at 'giving up'. But I do fret that it will give the leader more time to increase her lead.

And in other news, because I get referral points for the other games as well (eventhough I don't play them at all), I might be in the running for a 3-day membership at Fitness First (which I doubt has an outlet in my small town). I know I'm not going to travel all the way to KL for a three-day fitness programme. Anyways, my first friend to sign up has claimed first dibs on that if I get it. Thank you, Hidayah for signing up without hesitation.

There's also one game where they're giving away RM60 haircuts to the top 20 players. Again, I'd have to travel to have that done. The three sample photos show hair dyed blonde....hmmm, that's a tad too extreme for my tastes. Well, no worries, as most of these games end on the 1st of May. A lot could happen. I could get 45 people to sign up and totally demolish the current leader. Hmmm...

That's it for now. Need to get up early to have my shower before the power goes out, though my waking up at 9:20am this morning saw the power going out only at 11am! Tsk! At least the power went back up at 6pm, 30 minutes earlier than scheduled. If it's the same tomorrow, I'd be able to watch American Idol live. *grin*

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

No power

Yes, I accidentally deleted all my text and pix when I highlighted all and tried to justify. Arrghh! Too bad, I'm not going to post what I erased, as I can't remember everything (post-Puzzler numbness). Took these two pix some days ago. I was thinking of sending the pic of the Periwinkle to Interfacelift, but on second thought, I don't think it can cut it as wallpaper. Ugh...I take pix and they don't turn out as well as I'd hoped. I guess I'll have to keep clicking away. There should be a gem one day.

About the 'No Power' heading. I finally read the piece of paper that had been laying on the coffeetable for days. It was a notice from the power company (Tenaga Nasional Berhad - TNB), stating that there would be a power outage from the 21st to the 22nd of March 2006 between 9:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Perhaps it was good that I decided to stop obsessing about Puzzler, or I would be bouncing off the walls out of frustration. Perhaps if I'm lucky, the leader's PC will fizzle out and die an agonising death and they wouldn't be able to fix it until after the game ends. *evil grin* And that's not even the worst that I can think of - think fatal bout of bird flu! *evil grin coupled with maniacal laugh*

That's what playing Puzzler 24/7 will do to you.

Ugh, how will I find out if I won the phone? Wonder if they'll publish the results before 9:30am.

Bye all, and keep your fingers and toes crossed for me (if you can't register at
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Monday, March 20, 2006


You know you've played way too much Puzzler (in the hopes of getting/staying #1) when:
1) The game "board" doesn't look square anymore, but skewed.
2) You forget what you're supposed to do to earn points (6 a.m. is the time of confusion).
3) You count the gap between #1 and #2 by the number of games (110 good games, or 220 bad games) needed to catch up.
4) You start wondering if your opponent has a life, if they can keep playing.

I know I don't have a life, but after a week of constant playing day, night and morning...I think I'm having a Puzzler overload. Perhaps being #2 is a better spot because I have a target to achieve. When you're #1, you don't know when to stop.

Perhaps my opponent thinks that he's hit my psychological barrier where seeing his lead will make me not try as hard. I do want to, but I need a little break from all that clicking. I wish I had a substitute to take my place and when they are done, I can play again.

It's too bad I don't have many supportive friends. I need about 100 more friends to get well ahead of the competition. Darn, why did this game have to last until the 1st of May? Dare I hope that my opponent will somehow get a life (school/work/college/kindergarten) before then and I will be able to rise once again?

I really miss those times when he was leading and he stopped playing. And he was 20,000 points ahead. That's 20 good games, or 4 referral points.

If you're Malaysian with an I/C number, could you please be a dear and sign up here: , then put 'Tigrrr' as your referrer. Thank you, your help will greatly help my tired mind, which is desperate for a good night's sleep. Today is the first time in a week that I haven't put my laptop out and played while sitting in a chair (I get a terrible backache doing that).

I chatted with Ty two mornings ago. I think it was for an hour before I had to surrender to the Gods of Slumber. When I commented that he didn't send me e-mails anymore, he said that he thought I wouldn't appreciate getting them from him any more. Hmmm, am I supposed to react that way? What did he really do that he thinks that I should? Anyway, it brought back memories when I looked out the window and it was dawn.

That's all from me. Take care, all!

If I win a Nokia 6111 tomorrow, I'll stop playing Puzzler. I seem to have forgotten that the prize is an RM500 Fasio hamper. *does a google for Fasio*'s cosmetics from Kose. Hmmm...

Saturday, March 18, 2006


I had posted this earlier and after noticing that my spider post was the only one up...grrr!

I am currently #1 in the Puzzler game (the thing that has been keeping me away and obsessed for the past five days). I turned down an invite to someone's birthday get-together (a family friend and my parents went without me) just so I could stay to play and attempt to overtake the leader. I have no regrets, as I managed to get a 21 (good) game lead ahead of the former leader by the time he showed up last night. He played eight good games to earn 1,079,000 total points while I had 1,101,000+ points before the site went down due to the server exceeding its bandwidth limit. Don't know when it'll be back up. To my advantage, I'm available in the daytime to check and play if it's okay. It's too bad that the whole site is down, I could have made some referrals and earned 5,000 points for each new signup.

Well, since it was down, I decided to go feed the mosquitoes. Pic #1 is of an anthurium. I don't like it much because it looks waxy/plasticky/fake, and that protrusion is not only rude but pointy. You could poke an eye out with that! *grin*

Pic #3 is of our durian trees. There's a smaller/skinnier tree behind the main tree. If you looked properly, you can see a thin strip to the right of the big tree. The second tree was planted too closely, so there are no branches near the bigger tree. For years, the tree has produced flowers. And for years, the pesky birds would peck at the flowers and cause them to fall to the ground. No flowers = no durians. :(

Pic #4 is of our mango tree at the side of the house. The scene of the spiky caterpillar massacre some weeks ago. Mum wraps the developing mangoes with newspaper to prevent the fruitflies and other nasty insects from depositing their eggs in them.

A cluster of Hoya flowers. The big leaf next to it belongs to the anthurium. I couldn't focus properly because I was using a finger to lift a Hoya leaf that was partly obscuring the flowers.

Had time to go to the back of the house and check up on the stink bug. The little critters have hatched! They were scurrying along like little ants. So cute! Wish I knew where they went to after that. Usually, they disperse after hatching.

That's it from me. Take care, all! Have a great weekend!
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The two spiders

Aren't they beauties? I wouldn't touch the bigger spider (I've not sure if it bites, but it acts pretty panicky when approached - on second thought, it was well behaved when I took the series of shots), but the jumping spider is harmless (except to small insects). Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

still playing that game

Yes, I am still alive. But barely. However, I am now #2 in the rankings and my scheme to pad my score just enough to deter #3 from thinking of catching up (so far) has succeeded. She'd have to play 300 games to get to my level. Or she could just sign 10 people up. I hope she doesn't have a busload of volunteers who would be happy to sign up. Still can't help wonder if it's dogged determination or plain ol' "Obsessive Compulsive Disorder" that's keeping me awake, playing this game til my eyes stopped focusing.

Did a cute little quiz (I was hoping I'd be a polar bear cub).

You Are A: Duckling!

DucklingThe cutest of the cute, these baby ducks are often spotted in the spring following closely behind their mother. As a duckling you will grow up quickly, becoming one of the adult ducks seen commonly in ponds and streams. Playful and timid, charming and vulnerable, ducklings are nature's very definition of innocence.

You were almost a: Frog or a Duck
You are least like a: Groundhog or a MonkeyWhat Cute Animal Are You?

That's all for now. I'll let you know in May (when the game expires) if I won anything. Please be patient with the updates. Take care all.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Clues to my personality

My Personal Dna Report

I cycled for the first time yesterday since leaving campus in May 2005. I had a mission. To find out about a new residential area near my neighbourhood. I took my camera, it's easier than writing it all down. If anyone's interested...

Oh, it's in Malay. The heading says, "Alamanda Garden/Park III", second line: "(Cemetery Street, adjacent to the Islam Foundation Kindergarten). In green: "Under Construction". Highlighted in red: "Now Open For Reservations". Two telephone numbers in blue: 09 6222214 & 09 6227399. Splotch of red: "Phase 2". After taking two pix of the banner, I turned to my left and took a shot of the completed houses (Phase 1). This was around 6:45pm. Sun was setting.

I rediscovered a local games site yesterday and I'm now hooked on Puzzler. I hit the top 20 with 74300 points (18th) yesterday and I am now currently 6th. Only a few games to go before I hit 5th. Unfortunately the leader has 822000 points and he/she is still playing the game to add those points. The second player has 454700 points. I don't see why the leader has to keep on submitting his scores. Arrghhh. I'm sure he's referred many people which explains the high position he/she has. I don't think I'll be taking a lot of pix while I'm trying to win myself RM500 worth of cosmetic products. *grin* Well, it's off to play Puzzler again.

Bye and take care!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Found a hilarious website

It's called BBspot and it was a link left in a forum thread about Vista's six versions. Click here to check it out.

Found a link to some quizzes as well. As you can see it's quite IT-laden.

You are .cgi Your life seems a bit too scripted, and sometimes you are exploited.  Still a  workhorse though.

You are Luisa Estrada.  You are the wife of the former President of the Philippines. You wish me to go to Amsterdam to help you collect $30 million which you siphoned off.  You enjoy reading, and stealing money from the poor.
Which Nigerian spammer are You?

You are Amiga OS. Ahead of your time.  You keep a lot of balls in the air.  If only your parents had given you more opportunities to suceed.
Which OS are You?

Well, it's only 4pm...I'm feeling a little sleepy. I think I'll try a little snooze, before 'American Idol' starts at 6pm. =) My favourite is Kellie Pickler.

Wednesday is TV day

I took these shots on Tuesday. I used the setting sun again. I also tried the flash too in some of the pix. Used Picasa to darken the shadows as you could see part of the furniture in the background. Didn't go around the garden much.

Anyway, Wednesday was TV day. Watched 'American Idol' at 6pm, followed by the news, then dinner and at 9pm was 'The Amazing Race 9'. That was followed by 'CSI'. Turned off TV after that.

Heard Dad give a "Boo!" and Mum screaming soon after. Dad just relishes doing that. Yet, when I try that on him, he says I'm scheming to kill him. Ha.

That's all from me today. Take care, all! =)
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Monday, March 06, 2006

More orchids

This was taken before I broke the stem by accident. I was carrying the pot containing the orchid all over the garden, trying to get a good shot of the flower and the sky. The sky was a lovely shade of blue and no thanks to the pot and the lack of a proper surface to place the aforementioned pot, I couldn't take that shot. The places where I could hang the pot always seemed to have a piece of sky that also had telephone wires, the tops of trees, roofs, metal poles, fingers, etc. It was darn frustrating! (I used the magic of Photoshop to remove the tops of trees, and the wire holder of the pot for the shot above.) As I was walking around, I dangled my trusty camera on my right arm, while carrying the pot with the wire holder (this means that the pot was low to the ground and my camera was at about the same height as the orchid). As I was hanging the pot, I noticed that the stem bearing the orchid wasn't in its usual position. I panicked! What to do?

Well, there was nothing I COULD do, since it was already broken. So I hung the pot back among the other hanging pots and held the flower with one hand and camera in the other. Problem solved. *grin* Unfortunately, the stem was too short and I risked having part of my finger in the shot. I clicked away at every possible angle (well, not really), right arm outstretched, head looking up. I have to say that after that clicking session, my head felt slightly woozy.

Note: The caterpillar that I took a photo of last Sunday (March 5th) is NOT the same caterpillar as the one taken on Wednesday (March 1st). I went out in the morning and spotted three caterpillars in various sizes. Unfortunately, Mum cut down the banana plant and the kerengga travelled to the lime bush from there, seeking food. The caterpillars were fine in the morning, but by evening, I spotted one caterpillar being pulled by the kerengga. I tried helping the caterpillar by blowing at the ants, but only two ants lost their grip. The remaining ant still had the hapless caterpillar in its jaws. The other smaller caterpillar was safe on another leaf. I could not spot the bigger caterpillar anywhere. It could have been hiding amongst the banana leaves that covered part of the lime bush.
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Thank goodness!

Thank goodness, I've found a way to post multiple photos! Rejoice! Anyways, I was frustrated today because I couldn't position the flowers the way I wanted them. And I couldn't get a good shot of the sky as the backdrop.

I was trying my best to hide the wall in the background. Oh yes, you can see part of my finger bending the stem of the flower.

If I brightened this up a little, would it look good enough to be wallpaper? Or is the background too *yawn* distracting? Excuse my yawn. I woke up at 7:20am. And did I go see the person I was supposed to see? No.
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Which one?

I was so snap happy today, I took 75 shots! As you can see, most of it was of the same thing. I have more. Which one looks the best? I want to submit one to that interfacelift site. Which looks best as wallpaper?
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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Just after one day...

...of constant eating, the caterpillar has grown in size. I doubt if the stink bug kiddies could tackle this caterpillar now.
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A steady hand

Decided to suspend the pot with my left hand, and snap with my right hand, carefully positioning the camera so that some dead leaves wouldn't be in the frame. I'd say this was my best shot for today.
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Bicycle tyres

As I said before, flower is lovely, the background just ruins the pic. Why did I not call my Dad to hold it for me? I'll try tomorrow. Wait for the setting sun's golden glow before I venture out and feed the mosquitoes. No, I don't know why the leaves have been cut like that. It's possible that an insect did that.
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Using the rays of the setting sun

Yesterday was a state public holiday, so I'll be seeing that manager tomorrow morning (hopefully it's after lunch because I want to watch the Oscars!). Anyways, I decided to feed some mosquitoes today. I was clicking away at the phalaenopses, but the lighting wasn't great. Too dark. Then, I spotted this lovely maroon orchid. Don't know the name, but it sure has a lovely shade of maroon. I had to suspend the pot using the branches of the anona plant just so I could use the setting sun to my benefit. Unfortunately, the background leaves much to be desired. I have more shots, but they too were marred by the background - bicycle tyres, the rear wheel of Dad's car, etc.
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Friday, March 03, 2006

No updates til Sunday

Sorry for the inconvenience. I have to get my certs, resume, etc in order by Sunday. It's been awhile since I wrote a 'real' one (as opposed to the one I had to write for an English assignment).

Didn't take any photos today because the sky was cloudy. I did go around the garden, visiting the usual spots. The little stink bugs have disappeared, leaving just the empty eggs. The other two adult stink bugs are still guarding their eggs.

Oh yes, I redeemed points from this loyalty program (I had less than 600 points expiring within the next four months) and ordered a sandwich maker last week. It arrived this morning. Mum burst into my room around 10am and told me to sign my name, write my name and id number down on two pieces of paper and I was, "Huh? Wha..?" As soon as I was done, she disappeared and reappeared five minutes later with the package. My Cornell Sandwich Maker. I had discussed with Mum about getting it and she said that it was a better choice, compared to the other items available. It cost 4900 points. Yes, they are clever. Don't offer anything nice for less than 2000 points. Who needs a pen? Who wants to wait for ages to redeem a RM10 shopping voucher? I went through that once, not going to do it again. Perhaps I happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. I gave the voucher to my Sis for her to use, since she was the one who accumulated the points for me. There's not many establishments involved in this program in my town, which is why my card is with her. Anyway, I haven't seasoned the sandwich maker yet. I understand that I have to preheat it first before seasoning (brushing vegetable oil to the non-stick surfaces). I can't wait to use it. =) The enclosed pamphlet gave some wonderful recipes to try, and I'm happy to say that the English used was excellent. None of that "Water touch is very danger. Be with it care."

That's it from me tonight. Take care and stay well. =)

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Something interesting

I was over at Karen's site and found an interesting link: Interactive Johari Window. I do realize that 99% of the people who reach this page don't know me personally, so I am not expecting people to participate or get it right. Or maybe you can just choose some nice characteristics to get in my good books. Tee hee hee.

I'm off to sleep now. Take care, all! =)

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

That orchid again

The other earlier flowers had wilted and these were the last two to bloom. You can see one fruitfly on the front of the petal and the silhouette of another two (or is there a third fruitfly on back of the lower petal as well?) at the back. There's another plant located under one of the durian trees in the garden.

That's it from me today. Take care, all! =)
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Orchid shot 1 for today

I really should start moving the flowers into the sun instead of snapping pix of them where they are (in the shade). I'll do it tomorrow. And if I get up early enough, it won't be as hot as the noon-day sun.
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