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Monday, February 27, 2006

To the right, you can see part of the Sultan Mizan Hall (framed by the two pillars). During construction of the new building, the paved space used to be filled with earth and one morning, when my roomie and I were forced to attend a seminar held by the student loan people. Everybody who lived in the hostel had to attend it and we were assured through the PA the night before that all lectures would be cancelled.

The next morning, as we were settling in our seats...we got a message from our coursemates, saying that we had a Networking lecture at 8am. It was already 8:30am. So we slipped out of the building, like stealthy stick-insects and decided to dash to our class across the space. It was quite tough, as it had rained earlier and part of the ground was muddy. There were construction workers working on the Admin building then and the wolf-whistles and calls from them made our trek seem like an eternity. By the time we made it to class, it was almost over. Everybody was asking us why we missed it. GRRR!!

Oh yeah...I went to a store later and spotted a shampoo bottle with a flower that was the spitting image of the flower I took the other day. It was no morning glory. It's a Butterfly Pea flower! I was half right. Amazing, the things a shampoo bottle can teach you. =)
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