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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Happy 40th to my Brother

Hmmm, I can't seen to get any pix when I'm on blogger proper. Anyways, it's my brother's birthday today. I won't wish him here because I don't think he knows about this blog of mine. Thank you to Steve who wished me congratulations on YM regarding my results.

I discovered a new service from Google called Google Pages. 100MB for website space. In my quest for world domination, I got myself involved with it too. It's still in beta, has some bugs but it's still all good. Check out my progress at Sharlini's Drops of Wisdom. Only three available pages for now.

Woke up a little early when Mum got into my room to sweep the floor. I checked my laptop for e-mail, etc and then plopped back to bed. It was just so nice and cosy. I dreamt I was talking to Mum, explaining something to her. And then (because my room door was left wide open after she was done sweeping my room), she walks by and says, "This girl!!" when she sees me still in bed. I wake up and tell her that I dreamt that I was awake, so it wasn't that bad. Hehehe...

It's late. Time to sleep. I will try using Picasa2 and Hello to post pics that I took yesterday (the continuation) later today. In 18 hours perhaps.

Take care, all! Why is there no publish button?? Disaster averted when I copied my text, closed and clicked create. Now to add that pic. This pic was one of the first photos that I took with my Kodak camera. I was cycling on the shortcut path towards campus from the hostel one early morning last year. It was February the 27th, I think.

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