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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Rainy Day 3

Collage 2 Posted by Picasa

I have to admit, using the collage feature doesn't quite make the photos look too good. You can't even see the small praying mantis that I found on the anona leaf.

I fed less mosquitoes today, but they were no less itchy. Anyways, I made a full 360 deg tour of the garden. Found some nice raindrops on leaves, took a pic of the neighbour's hibicus flower, then off to the front to take pix of the feng shui flowers. Walked towards this scraping sound and realized that Mum was scraping away the flaking paint. She was letting me in on her scheme. Get Dad to visit the grandkids for a month and then she'll paint the walls of the house. Shhh, you didn't hear it from me.

Went back towards to the back of the garden, and as I was looking for that perfectly round raindrop, I found a 'baby' praying mantis! It was so cute! It kept looking at me, crouched down cautiously. I made a dinosaur with my right hand to distract it and clicked away. It still kept looking directly at the camera. You couldn't see its forelegs. There, I posted it in the entry above. With that, I just realized that I need to adjust the Blogger settings. Anyways, I think I terrified that poor praying mantis. I gave it one of the flattened mosquitoes stuck to my leg. I planted the offering at the edge of the leaf. I don't think it was very hungry, as it didn't approach the mosquito like a starved cannibal. It still kept peering at my camera. My head, even. I moved my head from side to side and so did the praying mantis. It was like some bizarre human-insect mating dance. Thank goodness there were no witnesses.

Went back into the house when I ran out of internal memory (and it was raining).

I saw the Opening Ceremony of the Torino Winter Olympics. Well, when I turned to the sports channel (after watching 'A Cinderella Story'), the country walking across the screen was Tajikistan. I absolutely loved the fireworks display! Impressive to say the least. Now, which Olympic Games was it that had an archer shoot a flaming arrow into the torch? Anybody know?

That's it from me. Added a link to Simon's site, as he so 'graciously' accorded me the honour of being added to his links. =Þ to Simon. Note to self, can't gossip about Simon on here anymore.

Take care, all!

Update: Thank you to Susan who says that the archer was in the Barcelona Olympics. =) That was a very quick response. I expected none at all.

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Susan said...

The archer was at the Barcelona Olympics.