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Monday, February 13, 2006

By the time I returned from uploading the photos, I had killed quite a few mosquitoes, their bloodied remains flattened against my legs. When I got to the Praying mantis' leaf, I decided to take a different approach. And it seemed to work. The PM was oblivious to my presence and was intent on looking to the side of the leaf. Or perhaps it was getting ready for me to pop my head there. I gingerly moved the camera towards the leaf and took several photos. It didn't budge. None of that eyeballing that it used to do before. I thought it was getting used to me. Then, for my third shot, I got this. I can almost hear it thinking, "Oh no, it's that nut again!" I think I'm PM-obsessed now. =) As payment, I offered the PM four flattened mosquitoes. This PM is going to develop a taste for my O+ blood now. Posted by Picasa

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