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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The Big Bad Wolf Sale

There was a crazy booksale last November 2010. It was called the Big Bad Wolf sale and it was quite by accident that I came across it online. As it happened, I was in Kajang and the organisers held it at South City Plaza in Seri Kembangan. Of course, I grabbed the chance! I met up with a friend at the Serdang station and we took a taxi to the venue. There was a loooooong queue waiting and my friend went off to have breakfast while I waited in line.

The Big Bad Wolf

How cheap were the books? Any cheaper and they would have been free! Most went for RM8.00, some were between RM10.00 and RM25.00. They provided plenty of payment counters, and as expected the credit card counters were the busiest. I bought novels and it came to around RM35.00. After a few hours there, my friend treated me to lunch at Chili's KLCC and from there, we went on the train to Bandar Tasik Selatan where we parted ways.

My friend, pleased with his purchases

I went on to Putrajaya to meet another friend after her work and we went again to the book sale. By this time, the free bookmarks had run out. There weren't as many books left and they weren't as orderly as compared to that morning. My friend bought a few books herself and we went back happy.

When I arrived at my sister's, I raved about the cheap books (and the variety!) and so we went on the second last day with my youngest nephew. Sis bought her management and cookery books, I finally spotted the Scrabble-related books for a friend of mine who was a Scrabble fanatic and my nephew bought all the Bionicle books he could find.

The damage

I would say that the sale is well worth it if the cost of books these days is simply too exorbitant for your tastes. I went to MPH the other day and spotted the same Scrabble dictionary selling for RM59.90! I saved RM51.90. Isn't that just mind-boggling?

I wonder where the sale will be this year, and I hope it'll be close enough for me to attend again. =)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Hi all,

My friend who came to visit has come and gone. It was such a joy to have company for a month. We did have our differences, but it was nothing to lose sleep over. It was unbearable for him the first 2-3 weeks as it was unusually rainy for March. We couldn't go out and he couldn't walk as much as he wanted. However, he made do by walking to the public pool with Mum. And when it cleared up, I'd walk to the pool later so we could meet up and walk on the beach or have an A&W Root beer Float. Strange, why did I never bring my A&W VIP card? Oh well, always a next time. Yup, he plans on coming back to visit next March/April. Seems promising, yeah? I hope I don't mess it up.

In other news, I was at BookXcess at AmCorp Mall and I got A Lion Called Christian for only RM17.90. It was such a good read, I finished it in under a day. I also bought Pearls Sells Out, haven't finished reading that yet, and won't until I go home. That day is yet undetermined.

The nephews have two rabbits and one of them was sick. We first brought it to the State Vet Services and the assistant gave her a jab and told us to give it something for the fever. Two weeks later, with no improvement (and taking a turn for the worse within 24 hours), we took it to a private vet. That vet was really pissed off at the first vet because the former did everything wrong. Rabbits can't be jabbed like that and aren't supposed to be given fever meds. Poor Bandit's kidney and liver were compromised due to that. It's been 13 days now and Bandit is very much better. No more slobbering. =)