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Monday, February 27, 2006

A collage

Here's a collage of photos that I took today. The first three in the top row are of this stray kitten I saw walking near my friend's handphone accessories (casings/batteries/top-up cards/starter packs/etc). Note the kink at the end of it's tail. Malaysian cats seem to have this mutation/aberration.

I noticed, after I ventured out of the kitchen and spotted Mum cutting down the carambola/starfruit tree (no more pink flowers!!!) that there were at least ten passionfruit flowers blooming. If I had posted the photo on its own instead of putting it in a collage, you would have clearly seen three flowers and unripened passionfruits hanging from the vine. The last photo on the second row was of a small ferm, growing from a crack in the wall. It was after 6:30pm and the light was fading. I think I might just wake up early tomorrow and use the rays when the sun rises to brighten up this pic. We'll see if I actually succeed in waking up before 11am. Hmmm...or maybe, I'll just stay awake until 6:30am. ;)

On the way to campus this afternoon, spotted these two schoolboys who weren't wearing their helmets. I thought I'd take this pic and submit it to a certain site that accepts photos of people breaking the law on Malaysia's roads ( I know I should have taken pix of their faces as well, but my Dad was speeding. KIDDING!! We just passed them and I was a little chicken to shove my precious camera out of the window. ;)

The big stink bug is gone! The leaf looks like it's dying and the eggs hatched!! I think I'll post the passionfruit flowers and the stink bug kiddies on their own. They look so adorable! Like little spiders, only with six legs. And they were absolutely STILL. I wonder if they can start to eat now. The caterpillar has grown and I'm afraid that if I don't transfer the leaf soon, it'll crawl fast enough to get to my fingers. Ewwww...
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