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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Toad in the drain

There I was, lying on my stomach, watching the 'Traffic' icon courtesy of Zone Alarm flash on my taskbar and getting frustrated with my finick broadband connection. Just then, I looked out my window and noticed how cloudy it was. I thought I'd be able to squeeze in a few shots before the rain started, but I was a few minutes too late. I felt the first drizzle and hurried back onto the porch. Not to be deterred by a little drizzle, I took an umbrella and headed towards the back of the house. The rain was falling hard by now and as I tried to keep my beloved camera dry, I noticed something in the drain.

It looked like a leaf poking out of the water from a distance (and I wasn't wearing my glasses) and I saw it disappear and create ripples against the flowing water. I caught up to it and while struggling to keep the umbrella overhead, I squatted beside the drain (I will not imagine what a sight that would have been). The frog hopped twice and sat still long enough for me to gingerly push the camera towards it and click. A few seconds later, it hopped over the edge of the drain and hid between the leaves and grasses. By then, I realized that the edge of the umbrella had moved and cold raindrops were dripping down my back.
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