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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Garden photos galore!

Hmmm, Picasa2 just updated and it's different from last time. I get the Blogger interface. =) Anyways, I am liking it a lot more. I think I can post more photos in one entry now.

Yesterday evening, I decided to feed the mosquitos and ventured out into the garden. I found this little butterfly with a partly torn off wing. I was hoping it would unfold its wings for me, but it didn't. Stupid butterfly. *grin*

I took quite a few other butterfly pix, but they didn't turn out so well. Do you want to know why I keep taking pix where the subject is always in the middle? It's because it has always been at the 'Continuous Auto Focus' setting. If it's not in the center, it's blurry. So, after almost a year of getting my camera (I got this camera on the 24th of February 2005), I realized what 'Single Auto Focus' meant. And I was pleased to finally be able to try out that Rule of Thirds that everybody's been talking about.

Oh no...there's no icon to add a photo. Looks like it's still a one-pic, one-post rule here.
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