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Thursday, February 23, 2006

I got my results and my xD card

I got my xD card this morning! Yaay! No more previewing my shots to see if I should delete them just so I can fit in a few more shots. Thank you, Simon! Works in my laptop card-reader too. Phew! And I was about ready to chuck it into the bin too. And thanks for telling me that I've been swindled into parting with RM180 for a 128MB xD Picture card, when it's available online for less than £10. *sigh*

In other news, I was surprised to see a big envelope from my uni. I was half-expecting to see a letter asking me to pay up my debts/explain some discrepancy. Thankfully, they just sent me my results for my final (horror) year project. I passed (well, I knew I passed, I just didn't know what grade they were going to hit me with, what with the numerous changes, mini-breakdowns and general craziness)! I got a C+. I bet Simon is disappointed. *eg* Yes, yes...due to weaknesses on my end. You did it all well and deserve the A. I'm quite happy that I didn't have to stand in front of the counter and sound like an idiot, inquiring about my results. That said I still have to go to my uni to hand in a declaration form. I guess, while I am at it, I could ask them to print out two of my past result slips. I misplaced one and never took the other (that had the 'Incomplete' for my Final Year Project paper). I'm glad that what my academic advisor/head of the computer science dept said was true. They would wipe out my F (for not being able to complete the thing - not my fault in the first place, mind you) and replace it with the latest grade. My cgpa is still above 3.000 (barely!) and I will be graduating in August 2006 with Second Class Upper honours. What I'd always expected. At least I can say that I was on the Dean's List ONCE. *beams*

Quick, leave a comment and congratulate me. I was not that pleased with my Dad's level of confidence in me when he said he was so relieved that I finally joined the rest of my siblings in obtaining a degree. I told him I always knew I'd get my degree, just worried that my CGPA was going to slip lower than 3.000. And my Mum agreed, Dad took worrying about me to the extreme, as if I was going to flunk out and amount to nothing (not that I'm amounting to anything right now, actually. Heehehe).
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