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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Ghost Whisperer mini-marathon

I went on a mini-Ghost Whisperer marathon after lunch. I almost always cry during each episode. I hate it. I didn't cry during my grandfather's funeral (then again, with the communication gap - he spoke Chinese and a little Malay, but with the few teeth he had, I had trouble understanding him), but I did cry when my pets died. Perhaps I'm closer to animals than people. So anyway, I saw six episodes almost back-to-back. The show has really grown on me. They're only screening the second episode on tv this Monday. And I'm done watching the 16th episode. See how good I am, watching GW ahead of time so that I don't have to fight over the remote with Dad during prime time. =) The sacrifices I make. ;)

Here's a pic of the orchid with the intoxicating aroma that leaves the fruitflies all senseless.

Wished my brother a happy 4th decade when my parents called earlier. The wifey prepared steaks for them. He congratulated me on my results and was surprised that they just gave me a C+ after all that 'hard work'. I had to tell him about Simon's help. I also had to remind him that I was going to get my software Engineering degree.
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