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Thursday, February 09, 2006

FedEx ad

I don't know about you, but I was having trouble accessing Blogger for quite awhile. I even had problems getting to some of the other Blogger blogs. Good to see that it's no longer the case.

Let's see...what happened yesterday? We were having a couple of family friends (who also attend the same church as my parents) for dinner. Someone had given them a specially packaged container of 'yee sang' and they decided to share it with us.

'Yee Sang' is a dish eaten during Chinese New Year and has either raw or smoked fish in it. All the ingredients are tossed and mixed while phrases like, "Good fortune!", "Health!", "Happiness!", "Prosperity!", etc, etc are said out with gusto. Fish is used because it signifies abundance. I'm sure if you googled for 'yee sang', you'd find a better explanation. *smiles*

So I washed my bathroom. It's a small bathroom and I was done in 20 mins. I saved a spider from drowning and killed another by accident (I think I killed it, anyways).

Here are two photos of the dish before and after the smoked salmon was added. It was topped with Plum sauce. Oooer...I'm hungry again just thinking about it. They were impressed that a thin girl such as myself had such a hearty appetite. I think I know now why I don't gain weight. I drink cold water every time. I read some place that the body uses up energy to regulate the water temperature as it enters the stomach. I do want to gain weight, but I don't like room temperature water (unless I was in Seattle in Spring, then room temperature water would be akin to water taken out of the fridge in Malaysia) nor hot/warm water. It tastes different.

After a sumptuous dinner of beef noodles and yee sang, I digested and listened to them talking. I made a pitstop and then watched the last 10 minutes of 'A Haunting' on the Discovery Channel.

Yesterday afternoon, I clicked on a link and watched some of the SuperBowl ads on Google video. One of my faves is the FedEx ad. It is entitled, "Stick".

Wouldn't you say it was hilarious? I wish certain local ads had that kind of humour. Speaking of ads, the Perodua ad for the Chinese New Year season was really good. It had a scene of kids having fun with a dragon dance, with an upside-down box as the head of the dragon. Towards the end of the ad, we see the Malay mother calling out to her son, who happened to be the one under the box. He turns to his friend behind him (the body of the dragon) and speaks to him in ... errr, was it Cantonese or Hokkien? I get confused. The friend is an Indian boy and he answers in the same language. It has that Yasmin Ahmad/Petronas ad vibe to it.

This morning, I woke up to a rainy day. Respite from the heat! Yaay! It even rained heavier later on. The TV was one and I realized that I missed the Grammy awards! Ugh...

Take care, all!