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Sunday, February 26, 2006

The 500gram behemoth

You've seen plenty of raindrops on its leaves, so you should know by now that the fruit on the left is a ripe anona. I put a marker pen next to it for size comparison. And then Mum said that the dessert plate would have indicated the size too. Ohh... *grin*

Ate a quarter of it after dinner, picking away at the skin and biting into the white flesh of the fruit. It was nice and sweet. If it was seedless, it would have been perfect.

Went to campus after lunch to get the transcript. Walked across the road to the faculty building, climbed up the stairs to the Admin office and waited til the student ahead of me had settled his business. I wished her a good afternoon (yes, I am polite! I used to be a receptionist) and asked if I could get my transcript. She mumbled about something not working and asked me to return next week. I asked her about the letter I needed to give to those people who gave me the student loan letting them know that I had to extend for another semester. She told me to either go to the Academic Section (at the new building) or the Student Affairs Dept. I decided to walk to the SAD office and passed by the Bumiputera Commerce Bank branch. There was a looong queue at the ATM. I remember having no problems when I was staying at the hostel. I'd go to the ATM around 8am. I guarantee, there'll be nobody crazy enough to think about getting money then. Of course, it helps to have a bicycle too.

Anyways, as I was walking towards the office, I passed by the space in the middle of the building, where they added tables and chairs for the students to sit and discuss. I also spotted A SNOOKER table!!! WHY? WHY? WHY did they do this AFTER I'm done? I also saw the rock-climbing wall on the field next to the SAD office. Arrghhhh!!! Yes, I know...I'm sure it was in everybody's best interests that I not attempt to scale the wall and have my butt sticking out at odd angles. So okay, strike the last 'Arrghhh!!!' from the blog.

Reached the office, all huffing and puffing (it was a hot day and I wasn't cycling!) and the nice lady at the counter explained that they are in charge of the co-curricular, sports, etc activities now. I had to go to the Academic section at the new building. I gave a sweaty smile and walked back to the Faculty building. Just as I was passing the bank, I spotted Melissa (a junior), walking to her car. I said 'Hi' and was reminded loudly that she had quite the voice. Then she says, "Oh My God! You! Okay, if you're here, Mel has to be around somewhere!" and she's looking around. I know she kids, and I said, "Ha! I wish that were true!" I explained my situation and she thought of offering me a ride there, but I told her that my Mum was waiting for me. We exchanged goodbyes and went on our separate ways. I decided to go up to the Admin office again to enquire about my past results slip that I had not taken after my 6th semester. She told me to ask at ... yes, you guessed it. THE ACADEMIC SECTION at THE NEW BUILDING! Anyway, on second thought, maybe the sweating and the walking did me some good. Gosh knows I lay on my stomach in front of my laptop way too often. *grin*

Walked back to the car and told Mum that I had to return a week later. Then I tell her that I had to go to the new building. I think I may have been a little snippy when she asked for directions on the way. Well, I was feeling hot under the collar, literally!

Eventually found myself in the new building and I asked the two chit-chatting cleaning women where the academic section was. They told me it was upstairs and to the left. I thanked them and ascended the stairs. I saw 'Bahagian Akademik - Unit Penerbitan' (Academic Section - Printing Unit). I figured I was in the wrong place and descended the stairs and ventured towards the middle of the building - the lobby area, which was devoid of anyone. The 'You are here' sign stuck next to the lift was too small and I totally missed it. I climbed up another flight of stairs and eventually found the right door. There was nobody attending the counter, but there was a lone man at his desk in the office. He told me to wait. When he got to the counter, I asked if he could furnish me with a letter explaining to the student loan people that I had extended for a semester. He said that the only confirmation letters they gave were the ones where it says, "So-and-so is a third year student of this uni and is expected to complete their studies on ..." I explained to him that I needed a different kind of letter. Then he gave me a form and told me to fill it up with the relevant details. He asked for my name and I gave it to him, and he said that I was already done with my studies (is it wrong for me to consider myself done with it WHEN I GET MY DEGREE PROPER? *grin*). So nice to know that staff recognize my name. Then again, he could have been the one who printed out my results a week before. As I was yakking away, I let slip that I had been at the Admin office to get my transcript and he said that I could get it there! But the guy in charge was away and would only be back a day later. So I'm going back tomorrow!

Then I remembered about the results slip for my 6th semester. I asked for it, saying that when I saw the results, I was disheartened and didn't take it. He smiled and said that if it was listed as 'Incomplete', I didn't have to take it. But I told him that I had taken another paper with it. When he printed it out and gave it to me...the 'Incomplete' became an 'F'. I did recall my supervisor telling me that they had to fail me in order for me to extend for another semester. =( The 'Incomplete' is more appropriate because according to the glossary at the back of the paper, 'Incomplete' is used when the student is unable to complete the paper due to unavoidable circumstances which were out of the student's control, as determined by the lecturer. I'll go ask the nice man tomorrow about this. *grin*

After that, I and Mum drove to see my friend and ex-receptionist colleague at her handphone outlet. She was so pleased to see us. We chatted and were there for maybe 45 mins. Mum gave her ideas on how to use her spare time at the shop. Make flower arrangements, handicrafts and accessories for handphones, like my dragonfly. She wanted me to teach her the art of dragonfly making. I'd love to show her...but she lives so far away.

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