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Thursday, February 23, 2006

If you look close enough

You will see a teeny, tiny caterpillar munching (hmmm, do caterpillars munch at all?) away at a fresh lime shoot. I can't wait for those stink bugs to hatch, they'd be happy to feed on this little pest. I have plans to distribute stink bug nymphs to infested plants around the garden. Hmmm...too bad I can't just put them on a leash.

Or perhaps I could put them in a little aquarium and dump hapless caterpillars into the stink bug pit of death. Wooo...

But I bet I'll be having a hard time extricating caterpillars from their leaves without feeling all squeamish and cringe-y. I mean, I took photos of that fat, juicy caterpillar and I kept going, "Ewwww! So fat, ewwww..." *squirms* Well, I guess I could just chop the part with the caterpillar, leaves, stems and all!
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