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Friday, February 10, 2006

Trying out Hello from picasa

Five-in-one Posted by Picasa

If I hadn't deleted the individual photos which made up a post each, you might not have noticed that I was fiddling around with hello. Hmmm, that explains why I've seen so many Picasa icons under photos in some blogs. It's SO convenient to use. I don't have to resize my pix and it doesn't take ages to publish. I think I'm going to use the collage function a lot. =)

Woke up to a wonderful rainy day. It's nice and gloomy now. It's so cosy!

In other news, I have several mouth ulcers as a result of my biting the inside of my right cheek while happily munching on food. The right side of my cheek and jaw is achy and painful. Been that way for over three days. And I ate the last Ponstan in the house today. I've never been reliant on pain-killers but I can feel the difference.

Oh yeah, in the middle of that anona leaf is a small caterpillar. I bet that if I put a kerengga there, it wouldn't last very long. Hmmm...I wonder if my ulcers are making me think evil thoughts. Then again, caterpillars eat leaves and I might not have any fruits to eat because the tree doesn't have enough leaves to produce energy for bearing fruit. But caterpillars become butterflies/moths. Which would be better? Fruits to eat or butterflies to snap pix with? Then again, have you even seen photos of butterflies here? And do you know why? Don't think I haven't tried, but those butterflies are so hyper! As soon as I get close enough to even think of snapping pix of the fluttering butterflies, they flit away in bliss. Well, maybe they don't (flit away in bliss, I mean). Maybe they have their moods too.

The caterpillar in question.

Well, that's it from me today. Take care, all!