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Friday, January 06, 2006

Website updated

After years of neglect, I finally updated/added more quotes to my site. Unfortunately, it took longer than expected due to the special characters I had to use (which the character map did not help at all), and thanks to Simon, I found a site with an ASCII table. I plan to add more in the days and weeks to come since I have two months free.

I never had this 'update the website' mood in a long time. It's fun to code in html again, and seeing the changes and additions. I had to check the site stats to remind myself that people DO surf by to look for information about 'The Meaning of Flowers', or browse through my personal collection of quotes and proverbs, or a list of birthstones and flowers as well as anniversary information.

It's late. I should be sleeping. Good night/morning and take care!

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