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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Theft and Capture?

This pic was taken on the 23rd of Dec 2005. The first time the telephone cable (you can see the cut cable in the middle of the pic) was cut off was in the wee hours of 2:30am.

Last night, they were at it again. It must have happened around 9pm last night. My dad had wanted to use the phone and noticed the line dead.

Parents walked out and true enough. This time, it was the telephone pole in front of my house. The cut cable had been left by the side of the road. Dad used the cellphone to call Telekom Malaysia (TM), but there was no answer. Dad called the police and made a report.

Went out again and the cable had been taken away. We suspected that the culprits had run up to the Chinese cemetery. Today, the TM repairman came by and Mum made small talk. Rumour has it that four men were caught with the stolen cable last night when they turned up at the 'center' that buys scrap metal (conveniently located near the Vietnamese cemetery, which is at the end of the Chinese cemetery on the way to town).

According to the repairman, the neighbourhood has been affected more than TEN times! Well, I hope that it's true that the men have been captured and that their crime spree has ended.

The past few days were spent tweaking this site a little. Signed up with Feedburner. Click on the appropriate link on the sidebar and then when you're on your usual site, you'll be able to see at a glance if I've updated my blog. Saves you the effort. Time for dinner. I'll be back.


And now I return. Watched some TV. There was 'Faking It' where they transform a church minister into a car salesman in 30 days. He really didn't look like he was going to be able to fake it enough to fool the three judges in the end. But after the test, he managed to fool two judges.

Then it was 'CruiseLine', about a Greek millionaire who had been in the no-frills airline industry having a dream of venturing into the cruiseline industry. Offering no-frills cruises, with the twist of arriving at (for example) Monaco or St. Tropez at night for the young and hip to party the night away, and then leaving port in the morning. This is not a cruise for those who want to enjoy time ON the ship, but OFF it. Hence, the minimal decor in the cabins. No closets, no proper loo with a door (frosted partition!), no WINDOWS. And ORANGE walls. *shiver* Looks like it's worked. The site, is up. He's got easyJet, easyCar and easyPizza among his stable of companies.

Well, no cut telephone cables tonight *touch wood*. I hope the baddies were caught and the news has travelled through the telephone cable-stealing gangs. No hanky-panky in my neighbourhood. I'm paying RM66 for unlimited broadband and I want to make sure I'm online 24/7!

Took a nap in the afternoon while waiting for the phone line to be restored. Dreamt I discovered that I owned two guinea pigs, a hamster, a rat and some other furry creature. Was kinda sad that I woke up. I miss having something soft and cuddly to pamper.

Oh, I had wanted to write in the past that after five straight days of sunshine, it wasn't the rainy season at all here. Then the next day, it rained all day. Normal rainy seasons would see at least a week or 11 days of non-stop rain. Not any more. Perhaps the situation is unchanged in the interiors of the State. There still are reports of flash floods. From the CNN Weather broadcast, it looks like there might be more rain headed this way. Hope the leaky roof has been fixed. Thank goodness, it's just leaking in the wet kitchen (it's practically outside, an extension to the original kitchen).

Also updated the year on my website. It's an annual event where I change all the ©2005 to ©2006 on most of the pages. Took me between 45min and an hour. I have about two months before I start a job, so I might just be able to update my website and tweak this blog some more. =)

Saw King Kong last night. Although I didn't watch the original, I knew of the Empire State Building scene and the inevitable sad ending. But I still wasn't prepared for the scene in this movie. The emotion, the connection between 'Ann Darrow' and Kong. I just bawled! I even had that feeling at the back of my throat (the start of an ugly cry?). I tell you, Peter Jackson can do no wrong. He deserves another Oscar or 11.
Take care!

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