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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

If you write it, will they come?

I update and what happens? The regulars go missing! Since I only have about three, and nobody seems to be interested in subscribing to the feed, how about giving me your e-mail address (just write it in the comments box) and I will personally let you know when I've updated. How's that for service?

Hand on my heart, I will not use the e-mail address(es) for nefarious schemes, evilness, forwarded e-mails about so-called viruses, jokes, chain-letters, invitations to join contests or referrals. You can trust me. I'm so honest, I don't even take coins I see lying around in the house. *points at halo above head* I also have that. *grin* *finds a little tarnish on side of halo, spits (no, Autoglym) and uses edge of shirt...err, no, cloth to rub it away* I also have a conscience the size of Saturn, rings included.

What happened today? Mum arranged some flowers for an non-existent Mass tonight. Somebody misinformed her. As she was wondering what to do with the flowers, a sister mentioned that there was going to be a funeral mass tomorrow night, for a man who passed away due to complications related to AIDS. Mum kept saying he was a lucky man because he got such beautiful flowers (fuschia carnations and off-white chrysanthemums + ferns) for his funeral mass. He had no family and the church had arranged it for him. I told her, "He's not lucky, he died!"

But I know what she meant.

Feeling sleepy. I think I'll sleep earlier tonight. Take care all!

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