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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Having problems uploading pix

Geez, it's getting tougher and tougher to upload pix to Blogger! On Opera, there's only the Add Pic and Spellcheck function available and even then it's impossible to upload. No matter, I'll try uploading some other time. At least I managed to add the flower arrangement photo.

Attending a school opening ceremony in the morning. School is owned by a close family friend and will be officiated by the Sultanah of Terengganu (she's the wife of the State Ruler, the Sultan of Terengganu -- Terengganu Royal House).

As usual, Mum was insisting I try out outfits beforehand. No jeans as it would be somewhat formal (what with royalty and all). I suggested, "What about a dress?" and Mum just about snorted with amusement at the thought of me in a dress. I think it's been more than a decade since I've worn a dress.

Tried the two cheongsam tops (I lost weight and the chest part was all hollow), a multitude of blouses and shirts, skirts and pants. At one point, I saw Mum handling a shirt and it looked like she expected me to push my head through. Of course, when I did that, she left the shirt on my head! She said I could dress myself! Hahaha...of course. *grin* Please forget what my actual age is.

No rain today, survived Friday the 13th. Wasted money SMSing/texting my bids to Channel V's Bid It! Such suspense when I received a confirmation message saying that my bid was the lowest and unique bid and that the item was mine if no one had outbid me. That lasted all of three minutes when I got another notification stating that my bid was no longer the lowest unique bid. Three more times did I get lowest unique bid after numerous tries. And that's where I got stumped. I had tried all the possible denominations from 0.01 to my previous lowest bid. So when I incremented the bid by one sen, it was unique, yet NOT THE LOWEST! How could that be? I stopped after that (still have five bids remaining), because it looked fishy to me. What am I bidding for? An iTECH Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard! It's a small cigarette lighter sized gadget that projects a keyboard layout onto a flat surface such as a table and it knows what key you've tapped when your finger obscures the key. It's meant to be used with handheld devices such as PDAs, mobile phones and certain laptops (with Bluetooth capabilites, of course).

Do I really need one? No. So if my bid doesn't win it, that's fine. I really just needed to decrease my credit. I've been accumulating too much and due to a lack of a special someone to waste my credit on, I decided to try my luck with the bids. Just so you know, I have donated credit to charities in the past as well. The Tsunami relief as well as several 'Suara Hati' causes.

Take care all and have a good day, wherever you are (Islington or Stockholm or Pudu or Damansara or Cheras).

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