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Friday, January 27, 2006

Of contests and prizes

I figured out the other day why I was having trouble uploading my pix to Blogger. They were way too huge. *g* All better now, but I do get too lazy to crop and resize my pix.

Went out to the garden again in the afternoon. Got bitten by mosquitoes til my legs itched. Took photos of the starfruit blossoms, the passionfruit bloom, the little sprays of mango flowers. 'Tis the season for fruits soon. *licks lips in anticipation*

The pix on the left was taken yesterday. Part of the arrangement my mother made for church this morning. I only used the available light from the open door. I miss the golden glow of the setting sun.

Anyways, on to the title of this blog. I noticed a new contest on a certain site (I'm not telling where, because I don't want to lessen the chances of my winning the prizes!). The first prize consists of two Nokia 6111 phones and a Photography Package (for a couple) worth RM4,000, from a certain Studio. The second prize consists of a Nokia 7370, a Bluetooth Headset HS-26W and a Photography Package (for a couple) worth RM3,000 from the same studio. Third prize consists of a Nokia 7360 and a Bluetooth Headset HS-26W. There are 50 Nokia goodie bags with 'super-chic Nokia merchandise' up for grabs too.

Last year, I won second prize in the Valentine's Day contest organized by the same site. I won my Kodak LS755 digital camera (as you can see, I'm putting it to good use) then. Not wanting to sound presumptuous or anything, but ... I'm single! If I won first or second prize, I can't just pick a man off the street to take photos with me, right? And I can't exactly call on my best guy friend to accompany me (the rumours were flying on campus just because we hung out together. We did nothing but chat and cycle! Tsk...imagine if we took that photography package). I read the Terms and Conditions, they never mentioned anything about transferring the package to anyone. If I won, perhaps I could just transfer it to my parents. But what a waste of RM3,000 - RM4,000 though. I could start paying off my student loan with that money. It's quite unfair, wouldn't you say? Valentine's Day is not just for lovers any more! It's for friends and family! Why presume that all the contestants are part of a couple? Or do I aim for the third and consolation prizes just because I'm single? What ever happened to cold, hard cash?

Oh well...I mentioned this to my Mum this 'morning' and she said not to worry about it until it happened. What's wrong with a little contingency plan? Do people wait for a real fire to happen before they start discussing evacuation procedures? I ask you, do they? I think not.

Here are some of the pix I took today. I went back into the house when I noticed something floating in front of my face. It was a little caterpillar, spinning thread from its butt and flying in the wind. If one can fly in front of my face, there's always the possiblity of one landing on ME! Maybe some have...and were washed down the drain during my shower. No...maybe they just got stuck to my clothes and jumped off again for a better destination. Yes, that sounds better. *relieved*

Passionfruit bloom

Unripe Passionfruit

Starfruit blossoms

Close-up of another starfruit flower cluster.

A cluster of mango flowers

Another cluster of mango blossoms

Mum got all the ingredients for 'Ais Kacang', just need to make the cendol. Will try to get pix of the preparations and the finished product when it happens. And try not to get in the way. *g* Well, I guess that's all then. Take care.


xazaru said...


my personal fav:

Passionfruit bloom

look at the color, the angle its been taken!

the other pics also are nice. something about the color, very vivid.

guess the weather there is much different from here in selangor

xazaru said...

now me rarely surf the net. got something to do wif one of my eye :(
me try to lessen my net/computer activity now.

been absent for awhile, and now look at ur blog! the ever familiar "killer" pic shots of ur house garden are there!

hey, u sure do good "macro" shots lah tigrrr. should get those SLR, wif macro lense. mmg photography magazine material lah! :D

adjusting the level is normal thing to do. u can even do that wif acdsee, don't have to use photoshop can.

xazaru said...

oh ya, me almost forgot,


later, when i update my blog, me add a gonna add ur blog to my link.

Tigrrr said...

*blush* Thank you for your kind comments, Xa. Kembang my hidung. Heh. Nolah, I just simply snap only. Where got talent to deserve SLR camera? And thank you for wanting to add my link to your blog. Make me shy only. ;) Nobody else has done that before. I'll add you too then. =)

And thank you for the CNY greetings. I appreciate it, especially since haven't gone back to Mum's hometown this year.

(Weather here hot as heck, ugh! Mandi pun, skin all gatal - figure better to write this in BM *wink*)

Your it a lazy eye? Must rest it by wearing a patch? Hope you recover soon lah. Then can better appreciate my pix. HAHAHAHA...

Take care and all the best to you, Xa.