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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Got up this morning...

... and felt sick. Had that cotton wool for brains feeling. Had lunch and had a nap. Was rudely interrupted 30mins later when Mum burst into my room, demanding Dad's cellphone number. Apparently, somebody was waiting for it and she couldn't find it in the addressbook by the phone. Dad's had that phone number for a YEAR! I was in the middle of looking for it on my cellphone and Mum was pestering me to be quick.

Fine, I just wrote whatever looked 'right' and gave her the piece of paper. My head was pounding and I couldn't be bothered. When she left, I saw that his number was clearly written in the book, albeit slightly above Dad's name. So I wrote his name in huge letters next to it.

The number I wrote was correct, by the way. So even in my dazed state, it was still working.

Hmmph, Simon still has that pic of his American 'friend' on his desk at home. Nope, doesn't work for me. And HE was the one who said that I couldn't make up my mind. MEN!

I bet my wotton cooly (I mean, cotton wooly) brain was a result of this mess. I was better after my nap, but now, eight hours later, I feel my vein pounding against my temple.

I think I'll be a good girl and sleep right now. No more playing First Class Solitaire at


Take care, all! Sorry, nothing much happening (as usual), except for the containers falling off a ship and the locals opening them and carting away the goods, such as frozen processed shrimp, cartons of cigarettes, clothing. The shrimp are being sold for RM12 - RM15 per kilo. Apparently, the police are arresting those who are in possession of said goods. I had the opportunity to see the packaging for the shrimp. "Product of Cambodia". It looks like it was headed for the American market.

More people coming by this site looking for "Do Not Resuscitate" via MSN Search. I think I'm listed seventh. It's so obvious that the link is to a blog and not medically related. And yet... Maybe looking for a personal account of a family member faced with the decision? I read somewhere that a nurse has tattooed her chest with the words, "Do Not Resuscitate". She's seen how medical professionals, EMTs try so hard to bring a person back to life. According to her, if she's dead, she doesn't want to be brought back to life only to face Death yet again. I never thought about it that way before.

Okay, off to bed for real now. Oy, my head.

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