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Thursday, January 19, 2006


Oops, sorry for the delay. Time goes by so quickly when you're not doing anything. Let's see...I saw the live telecast of the Golden Globes on Tuesday. Was first watching it on cable, and then realized that the telecast on NTV7 was live as well, and in fact, was ahead by several minutes!

Didn't like the renaming of Pierce Brosnan to Pierce Bronson by John Travolta (all that Xenu Scientology crap must have affected his brain). And Teri Hatcher jinxed it at the start of the show when she said that they were all going to lose to Mary Louise Parker. As superstitious Chinese people would say, "Sway". Saying something bad because it just might happen.

Then the next day, I watched the premier episode of American Idol. Let's face it, most of us watch it for the weird and wacky antics of the delusional. I'm sure that none of those who sang badly have ever heard a recording of themselves murdering a Whitney Houston or Paula Abdul song. They just trust the compliments and assurances of well-intentioned (or are they just being evil?) friends and family members. I was wondering if there was going to be another Mary Roach...and there were quite a few. The stubborn, reality-challenged 'singers' who are convinced that they are truly the next American Idol and that the judges had made a mistake.

I am so rooting for that cowboy from a town of four. I sure hope there will be a Good Samaritan who will offer to give him vocal lessons for free. Imagine the publicity if he gets into the finals.

Spotted what I thought was a woodpecker on the side of the avocado trunk. It's almost in the center of the photo. I was in my room and there was a mosquito screen between us. Hence the blurriness and not being able to get closer. Showed the pic to Dad and he said it was a Barbet (I think that's how it's spelt). Barbut? I think the former looks more accurate.

Okay, that's it from me for now. Take care all!

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