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Monday, January 02, 2006

A New Year Memory

I was supposed to have posted this yesterday, but I procrastinated. Time flies too fast these days too.

Anyways, it was New Year's 1997. A few days prior to that, I had entered my details to participate in a radio contest. I had to give them a reason to call me at the last part of the entry form. I didn't think too hard and wrote something slightly humorous.

New Year's Day 1997, and I was home alone. The call came at around 5pm. Chatted with the producer (I think his name was Andrew) and he let slip that he called a lot of numbers before mine and I was the only one home. This was before handphones were a dime a dozen. Everybody else were out and about, I stayed home...and I got to be on the radio!

This contest was organized by Jaring, an internet service provider and I either had to guess a tune hummed by the two deejays or I had to hum a tune for them to guess. When I was on air with them, I had to give the password, which was the URL to the online mall (I almost got it wrong in my excitement, but managed to correct myself as soon as I realized my mistake) and then I made the choice for them to hum me a tune to guess. They started humming and it sounded so familiar. I somehow knew the lyrics to that but didn't quite know the title, only until they got to the most identifying part of the song. It was 'As Time Goes By'. I gave them my answer and I was right! Had to give them the answer to 'What's the square root of nine?' (Three) and then ... when they asked me if I wanted a free Jaring account, I said, "But I already have a TMnet account!" (TMnet, rival ISP). This is when I get booed by the deejays. Hehehe...well, they never warned me that it was a forbidden word! I hung up after they said goodbye and then slapped my forehead. I was supposed to hang on for the producer! Well, luckily for me they already had my details and Andrew then admonished me for hanging up. I asked him if they were giving me the free account, and he said that he didn't think so. Hahahaha...Anyways, I still won RM200 in virtual cash to spend at the online mall.

There wasn't much to choose from at the time. I wanted X-files stuff but it was out of stock. So I bought shampoo, a box of chocolates, a Braun Silk Epil (the painful way of ridding leg hairs) and I think that was it.

See, it pays to stay home on New Year's Day.

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