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Sunday, January 29, 2006

CNY has officially started

Despite the firecracker ban, I still hear the law being flouted nightly. Somehow, Chinese New Year isn't CNY without the krakk-krakk-krakk in the middle of the night. "Oh, it's a Chinese custom to drive away the evil spirits/monster from the village," they say. I live near a cemetery, best reason to, eh? Scare those spooks away. Then again, with all that ruckus, it'll probably rouse them from their restful slumber.

I won't say who was responsible, and I won't say where this felony took place, but I have these two pix. Now, how on earth does one get rid of all those red bits of firecracker paper? It screams of "Firecracker ban? What firecracker ban? I thought it was lifted seven years ago."

Don't come knocking at my door, because my ears have been permanently damaged from all that din. The din caused by...

Shh, you didn't see anything here. I don't know anything. 0=)