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Monday, January 23, 2006

Some people...

Steve, you don't have to keep checking my blog for updates so many times a day! =Þ

See, if you subscribed, you needn't waste your time checking and looking at stale entries. Nothing happening here, hence the lack of updates.

Mum's been spring-cleaning. Something to be done before Chinese New Year (CNY) on the 29th of January. Doubt if I'll be going to my granny's this CNY. The Year of the Dog will be less festive, but it'll be a break from the temple burning firecrackers next door. Constant "Crack-crack-BOOM!" every night. No Ang Pows for me, then again, I AM getting older. But the rule is, "Married people give money in red packets (ang pows) to children and single people!!!" No thanks to my siblings marrying non-Chinese, I don't get any from them, either. *sigh*

Was wondering about this nasty smell in my room three hours ago. And then I remembered seeing Mum drying the seat of the chairs in the sun this morning. They weren't completely dry and she put them back on. I removed the seat from my room. Even with air freshener sprayed in my room, the smell still manages to permeate the air. All better with the seat out. At first, I thought something had died. Checked windows and sides of door for any signs of more gecko carnage. Found none, thankfully.

Some news about Ty. He got back to me and said he hasn't been using MSN Messenger for the past three weeks. Still, he apologized for making me feel like the 'Flavour of the Fourth Quarter'. That was nice of him. Yes, having him write a nice, long e-mail after quite awhile is making me warm towards him again. Strange about the MSN Messenger doppelganger. I've been seeing it online at 3am, using the Web version. Tried to transfer a file, to which it cancelled. So it HAS a brain! I figure I'm going to pester it with "Who Are You?" messages (cue The Who's "Who Are You" song - Tell me, who are you? Who? Who? Who? Who?) until it tires. Or until I start that job and I can't stay up late anymore.

Anyways, his PC is busted indefinitely. He won't fix it. He has plans to get a laptop, but priority right now is for his coming 1.5-week vacation. So the laptop will have to wait. I won't make any judgments until he's around again. If I overreacted (which anyone would have in my shoes), well...he's seen what a Nutjob I can be, eh? I don't know if I'd date me myself (sorry if you don't understand the previous sentence). But I know I'd be at least best friends. I might be a little off-center, but I'm fun and caring (personal experience may differ according to individuals and their actions towards me).

Listening to Pandora. I just love it! Open it on one tab and keep surfing other sites and you don't even have to see the ad on the site.

That it from me. Take care, all!
p/s: One downside to calling my blog 'DNR' (not going to type the whole thing out - it'll just show up in the search results), is that there will always be a stream of people looking for information on the order. It's already #4 in the search results at MSN Search (Use Google, people!!).

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