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Friday, January 06, 2006

Airplane biscuits

Behold! The airplane biscuit photo I promised several posts ago. Doesn't look at all biscuit-y, does it? More like crunchy, sticky-red-saucy coated 'pappadums'/'poppadoms'. Do they look like planes, or headless birds? It's very mildly spicy (hardly spicy) compared to the biskut cili (chilly biscuits), which look like hard, thinly sliced swiss rolls. Those stick to your teeth like leeches.

It rained today and as usual, I took my camera to the usual spot behind the house when it stopped. After snapping some shots of raindrops on leaves (deleted them later, turned out blurry), I decided to squat down to look for anything interesting from that angle. I look to the left, I looked down, looked to the right, to the -- . Hang on, what's this then?

An army of baby butterflies (baby caterpillars?), okay, okay...we'll go Discovery Channel and say, an army of butterfly/moth larvae were spotted under a leaf, surrounding the egg mound (don't know what to call that furry thingy). I snapped a few pix, making sure the lens was nowhere near it. I was watching them crawling and squirming and then noticed one using its self-spun thread to fly away with the wind. Suddenly, it hit me. If they're travelling... I immediately looked at the ground close to my feet. And heaved a sigh of relief when I saw no advancing caterpillars. I checked my bare knee closest to the leaf, then my arm, thankful that I had arm hairs to let me know if there were foreign entities crawling on my skin.

Ewww...I think I just creeped myself out. *shiver* Anyway, I quickly moved away from that spot. Took a too-dark pic of fresh shoots emerging from a cut anona branch. And then...

I heard the heavy tapping of rain against the aluminium awning that covered the front porch. I ran towards that direction (because that's where the front door is!), hoping that I wouldn't fall, drop my precious camera or get drenched. I made it safely inside, and two seconds later the cloud passed, bringing the rain with it.

Checked my other e-mail account and noticed one from Nokia Malaysia announcing a blog contest dated the 16th of Dec. I signed up anyway. It's a two month-long contest and I don't know how many days of competition are left. I suppose I'm way behind. Oh well. If I get even one curious reader-by-accident, I'm happy.

Saw Wallace And Gromit: The Curse of The Were-Rabbit last night. It was a hoot! From the very start til the very end, it was a laugh-a-minute. I love those quivering bunnies and especially the part where the were-rabbit howls at the moon and the other bunnies howl and beat their chests as well. I could tell they were making fun of King Kong too, with planes and all. A great movie, tons better than Chicken Run.

That's it from me. Take care, all!

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