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Sunday, January 29, 2006

It's the Year of the Dog!

Well, I got up at 9am. As I walked past the front door, I noticed the clay dog figurines that I had bought on a trip to Southern Thailand on the coffee table. Mum found them on the display cabinet and put them on the table, in the spirit of New Year. =)

Wished my parents a Happy New Year and then had my breakfast of baked beans while I read the Sunday papers.

Mum was busy doing her kitchen stuff as usual. And then a little later, she got the circular candy tray out and added some of the ingredients for the 'Ais Kacang'.

I'm trying to write a little more so that the next photo posted is 'after' the pic on the left. I'm eccentric like that. Anyways, I just took an antihistamine tablet earlier. The itching is a memory now. I think I'm allergic to something. Had the Itch for three days and it started getting unbearable last night. Maybe it was the Prawns from Cambodia. Mum's been adding them to everything. And the Shark's Fin Soup she made last night had some prawns too. Please note that we didn't buy the shark's fin, it was a gift from the sister-in-law. Yaay, I've reached the end of the first photo! I did it! Yes, I am indeed crazy...

Okay, so here are three of the main ingredients of 'Ais Kacang': Cincau (black jelly), Cendol and Attap seeds (attapchi). I wanted to resize this, but apparently, I can't.

Then I went to the garden, since it was still bright and early. Took a few more photos of flowers and a bug.

You can click on the bug pic to read the caption. My attempt at being witty, and probably failing. *g*

Enjoy! ;) Off to have lunch now. Hmmm, so much done and there's still a whole day ahead! Mornings are pretty convenient.

Okay, I'm back after a lunch of Indian rojak (sorry, no pic for that). After that, I had 'Ais Kacang'!

The ice shaver

Best thing about this is that I can have lots of helpings! Not much of an expense, when you make it yourself. Unlike some unfortunate souls who don't have the time or the resources to get it all done themselves. I guess you pay for convenience, eventhough what you get isn't half as satisfying. Why eat out when you can eat in and save so much money? *big grin*

Anyone who marries me gets to have such a wonderful mother-in-law. How's that for bribery? ;)

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