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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

If I knew then what I know now...

...I still wouldn't know what I'd do. We all know that if we repeated past events the same way, we'd be where we are now. Me in front of my laptop, tapping keys in the dark on my bed, with nothing to illuminate the keyboard except for the lit monitor screen (unless I did nothing for a minute and then it'd shut off by itself -- I set it that way so that I could sleep in peace without turning it off).

If I did things the same way, I'd still be dumped by e-mail...but I could still say that I got to travel to Seattle and expand my horizons. Sneak into Microsoft HQ without signing a thing (ah, the advantages of having a workforce from ethnically diverse backgrounds - I could blend in nicely). See pansies in 3D, as opposed to seeing them on the pages of books. I never got to touch them though. I didn't want the locals seeing this weird-looking, skinny (but bundled up in three layers of clothes eventhough it was in the middle of Spring) girl standing transfixed and fondling the plants (with a silly look on her face). Oh, those yellows and purples! It's too bad that I didn't have a camera with me then. A shame.

If I changed a single thing in the past, I might be worse off than I already am. Must think that way if I was to have some kind of semblance to sanity. I don't want to imagine me being happily married with a handful of adopted kids, nice comfortable house with dogs running in the yard, guinea pigs in a run with plenty of hay. No, none of that.

Anyways, should I have mentioned to Mum yesterday (or was it the day before?) that Simon was interested in me? I was e-mailing him earlier today, saying that I wasn't going to mention him at all. So I didn't. I was at the Chip forum and smiling at an entry that someone had posted and Mum saw me (my room door is usually open), and she asked, "Why are you smiling like that? What did he say?" JUst because I'm smiling to myself doesn't mean it's got anything to do with Simon.

But wait, it gets worse. She comes in, plonks herself on my bed and says, "Let's have a look at Simon again!"

So off we go to JustJobIt. He's got family photos there, and pix of trips to Iceland, Austria, Switzerland. I don't know. Was she checking him out for 'suitability'? I hope not! We're friends for now. And I'm not going to think of anything further than that until we actually meet. The date of which is yet undetermined. It might even help if I renewed my passport. *grin*

In the news the past few days was the so-called US$1 billion 'donation' by a Dr Elie (something) Najem, a self-professed billionaire worth $46 billion (which would make him the third richest man in the world -- and yet, unlisted in the 'World's Richest' List) to MAKNA, the National Cancer Council. He claimed to have brain cancer and has no need for his billions. After the media investigated his claims, they found that he's been passing out bouncing cheques and has been charged for fraud and cheating in other countries. He is Lebanese and arrived last year. Which means that he's overstayed. In that length of time, he married a 19-year-old girl and she is now three months pregnant. In her pictures... why don't you just go to the Star and read about it. There are other links to related news as well. Anyways, did you see that 'embrace' between them? It looks like he's got her in a head-lock. It's almost as creepy as the Oprah TomKat pix. *shiver*

All I can say is that the girl doesn't have enough neurons to make a synapse. What kind of billionaire would hair growing wild like a weed? Oh well...

By the way, I have a better idea for the 'regulars' here. Just leave a comment (post mortem) and as it is moderated, I can see the contents first (your e-mail address), note them down and delete without publishing it. Easy! Privacy secured. =) And another thing, if you run out of stuff to read, you can always check out the other two blogs. Both in various states of abandonment.

Take care, all!

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