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Monday, March 27, 2006


Seventeen hits from PhotoFriday! Maybe I should have cropped that pic. It doesn't look as nice when it's small like that.

Currently #2 in the game with almost 200 games between me and #1. I'm not that obsessed anymore. The best thing about being #2 is that I have a target to aim for. Being #1, you just don't know how many times you have to play to stay on top. And another thing - two more days of power outages scheduled for this week. No use building a lead to find it crumbled by the time I get online again.

Here's a little quiz I did today.

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I took quite a few pix today as there was a thunderstorm last night and the leaves were still laden with raindrops.

Ugh, I have to memorize a questionnaire for my first assignment as a 'Mystery Shopper'. Why did it have to be a bank? I mean, one that I've never been to?

My phobia is entering the premises at a supposedly peak time (12noon to 2pm) and seeing no other customer there. Taking a queue ticket would look tons suspicious, if you ask me. And how would I be able to find the time (and be inconspicuous) to check out the brochures and cleanliness, etc? Wish I could take pix of the premises and I wouldn't have to memorize those parts of the questionnaire. Unfortunately, taking pix is not allowed (well, they might think I was planning a heist). Then again, that bank has got to be the most unpopular bank in town. It's nowhere near where all the major banks are and on the roof is a swiftlet hotel. They play swiftlet calls 24/7 to entice the birds to nest there and then collect the nests to sell for profit. Think birds' nest soup. Quite yummy, really. Yes, I am aware that it's nothing but feathers and bird spit. *grin*

Take care, all.

Update: The countries I've visited (stepping down at the airport during transit counts too, right? *grin*).

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or vertaling Duits Nederlands

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