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Monday, March 20, 2006


You know you've played way too much Puzzler (in the hopes of getting/staying #1) when:
1) The game "board" doesn't look square anymore, but skewed.
2) You forget what you're supposed to do to earn points (6 a.m. is the time of confusion).
3) You count the gap between #1 and #2 by the number of games (110 good games, or 220 bad games) needed to catch up.
4) You start wondering if your opponent has a life, if they can keep playing.

I know I don't have a life, but after a week of constant playing day, night and morning...I think I'm having a Puzzler overload. Perhaps being #2 is a better spot because I have a target to achieve. When you're #1, you don't know when to stop.

Perhaps my opponent thinks that he's hit my psychological barrier where seeing his lead will make me not try as hard. I do want to, but I need a little break from all that clicking. I wish I had a substitute to take my place and when they are done, I can play again.

It's too bad I don't have many supportive friends. I need about 100 more friends to get well ahead of the competition. Darn, why did this game have to last until the 1st of May? Dare I hope that my opponent will somehow get a life (school/work/college/kindergarten) before then and I will be able to rise once again?

I really miss those times when he was leading and he stopped playing. And he was 20,000 points ahead. That's 20 good games, or 4 referral points.

If you're Malaysian with an I/C number, could you please be a dear and sign up here: , then put 'Tigrrr' as your referrer. Thank you, your help will greatly help my tired mind, which is desperate for a good night's sleep. Today is the first time in a week that I haven't put my laptop out and played while sitting in a chair (I get a terrible backache doing that).

I chatted with Ty two mornings ago. I think it was for an hour before I had to surrender to the Gods of Slumber. When I commented that he didn't send me e-mails anymore, he said that he thought I wouldn't appreciate getting them from him any more. Hmmm, am I supposed to react that way? What did he really do that he thinks that I should? Anyway, it brought back memories when I looked out the window and it was dawn.

That's all from me. Take care, all!

If I win a Nokia 6111 tomorrow, I'll stop playing Puzzler. I seem to have forgotten that the prize is an RM500 Fasio hamper. *does a google for Fasio*'s cosmetics from Kose. Hmmm...

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