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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

First day of the power outage

First off, this was one of the rejected submissions to Interfacelift. Due to the fact that:
a) I don't really know how to use Photoshop and
b) had a lousy background that showed a dim coffeetable (with lacy tablecloth),
I made it all black and I forget what that function in PS was. Was it 'Find Edges'?

Anyways, as I mentioned before, the power outage was scheduled today. The alarm woke me up at 9:01am (must have been sleeping through a minute of Annie Lennox's "No More I Love You's") but I lingered until 9:20am. I remembered that the last time they said 9:30am, they did it at 11am. But I still dragged myself out of bed to shower (with the heater on - yes, hot humid country and I'm using the heater?? Well, a cold shower is just too cold. I suffered when I was staying at the hostel) and had I woken up a minute earlier, I wouldn't have washed my face with cold water. Well, at least it was just my face. =)

Well, from 9:35am - 5pm, it was just hell. I took some photos in the garden, fed some mosquitoes. Oh yes! I checked out the lime plant and the aphids are GONE! Saw many ladybird larvae making their rounds. If the lime plant was a town in a Western, the ladybird larvae are the Cavalry! Blue uniforms and hats, riding on horses kicking up a dust storm.

Lay on the floor after lunch, but the floor was too hard. Decided to try knitting again. Got confused with all the different kinds of casting on. Found one I could do. I am still halfway through the first row. Hehehe...

At 5pm, followed Mum to town. Checked out the bank I am to visit tomorrow. Mum parked in the parking lot of the wrong bank (the intended location was just across the street). Snooped around the outside. People were using the ATM, so I couldn't check to see if the screen was dusty, etc. Went to two stores after that and returned home at 6:40pm. Figured we'd watch the American Idol repeat at 8pm. Dad said the electricity came back on by 6pm.

Before leaving the house, spotted a big spider on the wall. Took out my trusty Kodak and snapped.

To Alex who left comments. They don't show 'The Sopranos' here. And the only shows I try to get recent episodes of are 'Ghost Whisperer' and 'Lost'. Hence my missing the reference to the show.

To the many people from PhotoFriday (though I doubt they go any further than the Smooth link), thank you for checking the pic out. I hope it wasn't a waste of your visit.

To the visitors from Interfacelift, thank you for checking out this site. Two people have left positive comments about my submission, so Yaay! And I was telling myself, "Better no comments than negative comments!" I have to remind myself that most people to Interfacelift don't have Papaya plants/trees growing in their gardens. The Papaya's leaf structure is unusual for them. Hmmm...what other things would be unusual for Interfacelift?

Wish me luck tomorrow at the bank! I hope I don't mess things up and forget what I'm supposed to do. Note to self: Must check drains in front of premises. *g*

Take care, all!


Martini said...

I hope you didn't kill him. (That's a boy spider). I prefer spiders in my house to whatever the hell they're eating!!!

Tigrrr said...

I could never intentionally kill a spider. Don't worry, he skittered off around the corner and probably into my parents' room.

How can you tell the spider's gender?

Thank you for leaving a comment, Martini. :)