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Friday, March 03, 2006

No updates til Sunday

Sorry for the inconvenience. I have to get my certs, resume, etc in order by Sunday. It's been awhile since I wrote a 'real' one (as opposed to the one I had to write for an English assignment).

Didn't take any photos today because the sky was cloudy. I did go around the garden, visiting the usual spots. The little stink bugs have disappeared, leaving just the empty eggs. The other two adult stink bugs are still guarding their eggs.

Oh yes, I redeemed points from this loyalty program (I had less than 600 points expiring within the next four months) and ordered a sandwich maker last week. It arrived this morning. Mum burst into my room around 10am and told me to sign my name, write my name and id number down on two pieces of paper and I was, "Huh? Wha..?" As soon as I was done, she disappeared and reappeared five minutes later with the package. My Cornell Sandwich Maker. I had discussed with Mum about getting it and she said that it was a better choice, compared to the other items available. It cost 4900 points. Yes, they are clever. Don't offer anything nice for less than 2000 points. Who needs a pen? Who wants to wait for ages to redeem a RM10 shopping voucher? I went through that once, not going to do it again. Perhaps I happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. I gave the voucher to my Sis for her to use, since she was the one who accumulated the points for me. There's not many establishments involved in this program in my town, which is why my card is with her. Anyway, I haven't seasoned the sandwich maker yet. I understand that I have to preheat it first before seasoning (brushing vegetable oil to the non-stick surfaces). I can't wait to use it. =) The enclosed pamphlet gave some wonderful recipes to try, and I'm happy to say that the English used was excellent. None of that "Water touch is very danger. Be with it care."

That's it from me tonight. Take care and stay well. =)

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