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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Clues to my personality

My Personal Dna Report

I cycled for the first time yesterday since leaving campus in May 2005. I had a mission. To find out about a new residential area near my neighbourhood. I took my camera, it's easier than writing it all down. If anyone's interested...

Oh, it's in Malay. The heading says, "Alamanda Garden/Park III", second line: "(Cemetery Street, adjacent to the Islam Foundation Kindergarten). In green: "Under Construction". Highlighted in red: "Now Open For Reservations". Two telephone numbers in blue: 09 6222214 & 09 6227399. Splotch of red: "Phase 2". After taking two pix of the banner, I turned to my left and took a shot of the completed houses (Phase 1). This was around 6:45pm. Sun was setting.

I rediscovered a local games site yesterday and I'm now hooked on Puzzler. I hit the top 20 with 74300 points (18th) yesterday and I am now currently 6th. Only a few games to go before I hit 5th. Unfortunately the leader has 822000 points and he/she is still playing the game to add those points. The second player has 454700 points. I don't see why the leader has to keep on submitting his scores. Arrghhh. I'm sure he's referred many people which explains the high position he/she has. I don't think I'll be taking a lot of pix while I'm trying to win myself RM500 worth of cosmetic products. *grin* Well, it's off to play Puzzler again.

Bye and take care!

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