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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Current status

Position as at 10:22pm: #1. Leading by 50,000 points (50 good games, 100 not so good games). Aching back: check. painful elbows: check. (As Laptop is on bed, I either lay on my stomach and prop on my elbows to play, or hunch down and prop elbows on thighs).

It'll only take between 100 and 200 minutes before #2 catches up to me. Been playing constantly, and now the game board doesn't look skewed, it's totally different now. It sure is alarming how my mind plays tricks on me. Anyways, I think I'll play until 3am, and then let #2 play all night while I sleep. I can always catch up in the daytime.

Ugh, why does this game have to end only on the 1st of May? Oh yes, I didn't win the Nokia 6111. The darn notice on the site said that the winners would be announced on the 21st, but didn't update until the 24th!! Boo!

In case I missed anybody...

Register at and put 'Tigrrr' as your referrer. :) Malaysians only.

Take care, all. I'm off to widen the gap between #1 and #2.

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