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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

An offer too good to resist!

Feeling fat and unattractive? Overlooked by the opposite sex? Thinking of going bungee jumping without the cord?

Fret no more!

We at BirdPoo Inc. have developed a new and revolutionary way for you to increase stamina (up to 80%), beauty (up to 99%), longevity (up to 10 extra days!), calls from entymologists and herpetologists (like Jeff Corwin - because he's cute) and reduce fatigue (down to 20%), ugliness (down to 1%), and other general ailments (down to 5%).

After 50 years of painstaking research and painkillerstaking development (plus loss of many outstanding scientists due to old age - we never gave them our product because we want you to have it!), BirdPoo Inc. is proud to present to you, CATERPILLARSTENICS®©!

Absolutely no drugs, no needles, no audio tapes of waves crashing over the shore or sounds of whales calling to their podmembers, no strange-tasting powders, no cooking, and no drinking necessary!

Satisfaction GUARANTEED or YOUR MONEY BACK PLUS 15%! Yes, you heard us right! We will pay you an additional 15% with your refunded money - just to show you how confident we are in CATERPILLARSTENICS®©*.

Thousands of companies have tried and failed to fulfill their promises with similar products, which is why BirdPoo Inc. is the leading company in the World with offices located in cities such as Kiruna, Bergen, Siem Reap, and Sao Paolo.

[It has come to our attention that several products claiming to be from BirdPoo Inc. have surfaced in the market. Please be aware that only BirdPoo Inc. products bearing the BirdPoo Inc. quality hologram are authentic and safe for use/consumption.]


BirdPoo Inc. is happy to share with you today, five free steps from the 200-step program now available worldwide. Potential customers who are interested to try these steps are under NO obligation to order the full 200-step CATERPILLARSTENICS®© program. However, do note that the efficacy of the CATERPILLARSTENICS®© program relies on having all 200-steps done in proper sequence.

*terms and conditions apply. Refund and additional 15% payable only to next of kin who speak only Gaelic, and not Welsh or English.

Only $250.
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