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Monday, March 06, 2006

More orchids

This was taken before I broke the stem by accident. I was carrying the pot containing the orchid all over the garden, trying to get a good shot of the flower and the sky. The sky was a lovely shade of blue and no thanks to the pot and the lack of a proper surface to place the aforementioned pot, I couldn't take that shot. The places where I could hang the pot always seemed to have a piece of sky that also had telephone wires, the tops of trees, roofs, metal poles, fingers, etc. It was darn frustrating! (I used the magic of Photoshop to remove the tops of trees, and the wire holder of the pot for the shot above.) As I was walking around, I dangled my trusty camera on my right arm, while carrying the pot with the wire holder (this means that the pot was low to the ground and my camera was at about the same height as the orchid). As I was hanging the pot, I noticed that the stem bearing the orchid wasn't in its usual position. I panicked! What to do?

Well, there was nothing I COULD do, since it was already broken. So I hung the pot back among the other hanging pots and held the flower with one hand and camera in the other. Problem solved. *grin* Unfortunately, the stem was too short and I risked having part of my finger in the shot. I clicked away at every possible angle (well, not really), right arm outstretched, head looking up. I have to say that after that clicking session, my head felt slightly woozy.

Note: The caterpillar that I took a photo of last Sunday (March 5th) is NOT the same caterpillar as the one taken on Wednesday (March 1st). I went out in the morning and spotted three caterpillars in various sizes. Unfortunately, Mum cut down the banana plant and the kerengga travelled to the lime bush from there, seeking food. The caterpillars were fine in the morning, but by evening, I spotted one caterpillar being pulled by the kerengga. I tried helping the caterpillar by blowing at the ants, but only two ants lost their grip. The remaining ant still had the hapless caterpillar in its jaws. The other smaller caterpillar was safe on another leaf. I could not spot the bigger caterpillar anywhere. It could have been hiding amongst the banana leaves that covered part of the lime bush.
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