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Saturday, March 18, 2006


I had posted this earlier and after noticing that my spider post was the only one up...grrr!

I am currently #1 in the Puzzler game (the thing that has been keeping me away and obsessed for the past five days). I turned down an invite to someone's birthday get-together (a family friend and my parents went without me) just so I could stay to play and attempt to overtake the leader. I have no regrets, as I managed to get a 21 (good) game lead ahead of the former leader by the time he showed up last night. He played eight good games to earn 1,079,000 total points while I had 1,101,000+ points before the site went down due to the server exceeding its bandwidth limit. Don't know when it'll be back up. To my advantage, I'm available in the daytime to check and play if it's okay. It's too bad that the whole site is down, I could have made some referrals and earned 5,000 points for each new signup.

Well, since it was down, I decided to go feed the mosquitoes. Pic #1 is of an anthurium. I don't like it much because it looks waxy/plasticky/fake, and that protrusion is not only rude but pointy. You could poke an eye out with that! *grin*

Pic #3 is of our durian trees. There's a smaller/skinnier tree behind the main tree. If you looked properly, you can see a thin strip to the right of the big tree. The second tree was planted too closely, so there are no branches near the bigger tree. For years, the tree has produced flowers. And for years, the pesky birds would peck at the flowers and cause them to fall to the ground. No flowers = no durians. :(

Pic #4 is of our mango tree at the side of the house. The scene of the spiky caterpillar massacre some weeks ago. Mum wraps the developing mangoes with newspaper to prevent the fruitflies and other nasty insects from depositing their eggs in them.

A cluster of Hoya flowers. The big leaf next to it belongs to the anthurium. I couldn't focus properly because I was using a finger to lift a Hoya leaf that was partly obscuring the flowers.

Had time to go to the back of the house and check up on the stink bug. The little critters have hatched! They were scurrying along like little ants. So cute! Wish I knew where they went to after that. Usually, they disperse after hatching.

That's it from me. Take care, all! Have a great weekend!
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