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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A burden has lifted

I'm not quite sure if I am completely done, but I submitted the stuff pertaining to my final year project yesterday. I'm standing by just in case I get an e-mail or a call asking me to redo anything. This means I'm going nowhere for a week (and then after that, to heck with it!). This nixes any plans I had of attending my friend's engagement ceremony in Bangi on Sunday. Sorry Azura!

I was so fixated on the presentation date (Nov 24th) that I completely forgot about the proposal, thesis, technical report and the CD copies. You might be wondering, 'Proposal? Isn't that supposed to have been submitted way before I did the system?' Well, for other people, that's the routine. I have always been a special case. Things don't always run smoothly with me. I should be immune by now. *grin*

Had that title change 6 weeks before the final presentation. Was struggling with Visual Basic 6 (yes, I did try .NET -- and having three books on VB6 helped not one bit), and looking for people who might give me some help with bits of the coding that I had trouble with. I gave e-mail updates to my supervisor and 6 weeks before the initial presentation date, the programming language was changed to PHP.

Cue mini-breakdown. Enter saviour from the UK. To cut a long story short, I managed to squeeze through the final presentation with just elevated levels of stress caused by a certain 'lecturer'. *cough*
En Zailani*cough* He was unrelentless in his critiques (what you optimists might call 'constructive criticism') and I was on the verge of crying out of frustration. I so wanted to strangle him, and I think it showed. Anyway, I did state that I only had six weeks to write the proposal, thesis and develop the system. That shut him up for a bit.

Yeah, I know that pic is totally out of 'nature' with this blog. I haven't really taken any raindrop laden leaf pix in awhile. It's been rainy off and on. I still can't hear the pounding waves from the beach (my house is a 5-min drive to the beach).

Oh, I found an interesting site yesterday (got it from Chris Wheatley's site) and it's The Warning Label Generator. It's real fun! Here's a sample of what I made.

I know, it's not very imaginative. You're limited to just six lines. Go check it out.

There's been a lot of talk about a certain blogger and his site that had posts of his past drug use. He had video clips of him shooting up, photos, detailed descriptions of the effects he felt, tips on enhancing the experience, experimenting with other drugs he could get from the pharmacy and OD-ing on them to see if they could be used as recreational drugs. Many bloggers out there were outraged that a 'concerned citizen' had written in to complain about his site, citing 'freedom of speech', etc, etc. Sure, the educated, well-traveled lot of them WOULDN'T experiment on drugs based on his posts. They expect that everyone with the means to get online has sense to not want to do it. I tell you, there are kids out there who are just willing to try anything. These are the impressionable kids, the ones without parental guidance (heck, they might even try it out just so they'll get the attention they want).

It just irks me that the few blogs I've visited (or comments left on these blogs) all say, "I've read all his posts and never once did I ever have the urge to try them out or be a drug addict. In fact, it's just deterred me from trying it out." I'm willing to bet that these people are well educated, English-speaking and more aware of the dangers. Try to think like a kid for once. Even a kampung kid with internet access in the school lab.

Sure, sure, they can always surf to the international sites out there. But he is Malaysian, he even related how he managed to get some drugs on the street. I doubt if there's info like on American, British or wherever sites. I very much welcome the action taken by the authorities on his site. I do recall a post where he plainly boasts that he is Malaysia's first drug blogger.

Well, I'm off my soapbox. It's been eating at me for sometime now. Take care, all!


Patrick said... the hell have you been. I am glad to hear from you, and thanks for checking in on me (cause if you don't, who knows if anyone else cares). I hope you have a great holiday season, and I will start checking in on you as well.

Be safe-

Exhomeless-Guy said...

Another intersting image making site is .

Tigrrr said...

thanks for the link, exhomeless-guy. So many generators there....could spend hours.