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Sunday, December 18, 2005


Just tried to get out of my jacket in an awkward position and I think I overstretched my shoulder. It hurts like heck now. I bet it'll be worse tomorrow.

Been raining all day and night and according to the weather report, it'll be like this until Friday. Wooo...I am glad we have a water heater. I remember the earlier years when I insisted it was too cold for the usual cold showers, so we'd boil half a pail of scalding hot water, carry it gingerly to the bathroom and then add the cold water til it got to be the right temperature. Most times, I'd be too lazy to boil the water and just have the quickest shower ever. Besides, it was too cold to sweat any way. And I hadn't fallen into any pools of mud/dirt.

Dad said my hair was too long today. Hmmph.

Still looking at the stats. I find that thanks to the "Next Blog" link at the upper right hand corner, people just get here by accident. Phew. Am wondering if the regular visitor from Sweden is a family friend. Birgitta? Bjorn? Is that you? If it is, thank you for visiting. If it isn't, thank you for visiting all the same. =)

I'd also like to take this opportunity to wish Azura a happy engagement! I'm sorry I couldn't make it.

I used to enjoy reading books, but now with my laptop on my bed, I'm always online. I am so addicted to playing those games on If it's not Pool, it's Bingo, if it's not that, then Spider Solitaire or Sweet Tooth. It's so fun! And I don't even care about winning any money either.

Chip Malaysia/ is still down. I kinda miss the people there. We really spam the lounge, we do...what fun.

I can't believe it's going to be 2006 in a matter of weeks. In my stress and haste to get my project done, 2005 just zipped by! I'll be 32 next year! Ack... Oh well, at least I survived uni at my advanced age. hehehe...

Take care, all!

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