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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Flip-floppy weather

Image hosted by Strange weather we are having here. Today it didn't rain at all. It rained heavily yesterday. I guess it'll rain again tomorrow. We shall see. Hmm, this is the first time I am using Photobucket to update DNR. Finally I find an option to use the strikethrough font. =)

Before I forget, Geography Olympics is now The Geography Zone. You can represent your country and show the rest of the world that your country isn't that backward when it comes to knowing what is where. Now, you can also register (for free) and pit your geography knowledge against other members too. I've only played three times and my first two tries had me getting 40/100. It pays to study those countries (and small island nations in the Pacific/Micronesia. Islands like Tuvalu, Nauru, The Marshall Islands, etc).

Let's see...what else? Can't think straight right now. I'll end here then.

Take care, all!

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