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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Wife: Honey, I think I forgot to shut off the gas when we left home.
Hubby: I'm sure you didn't, dear.
Wife: But honeyyy, I don't remember shutting it off! I don't want our home to blow up. We need to turn back, dear.
Hubby: Are you sure about this?
Wife: Absolutely! Please? Turn back?
Hubby: *mumble grumble*

What you see in the pic above is the contrail of an airliner. The plane is at the end of the contrail, just before the cloud. I noticed the plane making a U turn while dad was driving me to campus. Thought it looked peculiar. Dad suggested I take a pic, which I did. Unfortunately, I was in the car and the plane was disappearing quickly. And my xD card is busted, so I couldn't take a nice 5MP-sized photo.

No reports of any accidents involving planes last Sunday, so if it was an engine malfunction...they made it back safely.

After seeing my supervisor about my thesis, I went to pay my semester fees. Had to get the form from the Treasurer's office (and the amount I had to pay) and then back to the bank. Since the clinic was opposite the bank, I decided to go get some medication for my elbow. I had peeled some skin away two weeks before and it got infected. Pure torture. Never realized how often I used my elbows to prop myself in front of the laptop. It was sore and ... well, I won't get into details as I don't want you to lose your lunch/dinner. I did try using Burnol and plaster, but it turned into a boil anyway. I got a cream, a course of antibiotics (the pus went away after one day!), Denzo to bring down the swelling and panadol. Not taking the panadol as I don't have a fever.

Oh, while I was waiting for my turn at the clinic, the cafeteria lady dropped by to see the doc too. She mentioned a student passing away. She revealed that the student was female, a first year from FASM (fakulti agroteknologi & sains makanan - the agrotechnology and food science faculty). I thought she died in an accident, but apparently, it was a suicide. She ate 35 Panadols because she did badly in her recent exams. The girl was in hospital for a week before she met her demise. I can't help but feel for her family.

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