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Monday, December 26, 2005

The pix I promised

Connection was crappy early this morning (1am) after I came back from the Christmas dinner at my parents' godparents' place . It was plenty frustrating and I gave up after five to six attempts to get back online again.


zzzz...I'll post this first and then add the photos (like what I said in the other entry. hahaha...)

Anyways, I thoroughly enjoyed the dinner. We sang a few Christmas carols such as 'Joy To The World', 'Deck The Halls', 'The Little Drummer Boy', 'Ding Dong' (never heard of that one before), and a few more which I can't remember the titles of. I had lamb chops, a few sticks of satay (beef and chicken), Pepsi Twist, Mirinda Orange and a gulpful of home-made beer (the bottles were unlabelled and I had the impression they were Orangina!). If it wasn't for the fact that the 3/4 empty bottles were refrigerated, I don't think I would have touched them. Anyways, it tasted much better than the beer I have sipped in the past. When I say sip, I mean the moment the awful liquid hits my tongue. Yuck! This home-made beer was less potent and slightly bearable. Anyways, I just had that one gulpful. When I have a choice, I prefer not to imbibe. Especially not beer of all drinks.

I am happy to say that I have not had a hangover ever and I don't want to ever experience one. My brain cells need as much help as they can get without the use of substances. And I doubt if gingko biloba is going to help (which is why I don't take them). Come to think of it, I don't take anything. I usually just complain to Mum about my aches and pains and she'll massage those til I'm squirming and screaming. And then she'll tall me to take a Ponstan to relieve the pain. I never take it on my own initiative. Usually, I just bear with it.

However, I doubt if I could bear the pain of childbirth. I say this because I just chatted with someone who told me that she and her boyfriend were expecting a baby. Three months in. I'd hate to be in her shoes during the ninth month. Then again, I suppose I might change my mind if I met the right kind of guy. And I might have. We shall just have to wait and see.

Oh yes, it's my sister's birthday today. Wished her on the phone this morning. I even said, "Happy Tsunami Day!" I know, it wasn't very respectful. To the victims and their families. I remember the day very clearly. I awoke suddenly around 8:30am, perhaps. I just know that it wasn't the time I usually woke up and I was wondering for a few mins before I went back to sleep. Didn't know anything until around noon, when my friend Simon SMSed/texted me from Austria asking me how I was. I thought, "Eh?" I was at the uni library (at the magazines section). And he replied that there was a huge tidal wave that killed thousands in South-east Asia. I think we in the East Coast were blissfully unaware of the situation on the other side of the country. Those that didn't have close access to a tv or radio, that is.

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