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Friday, December 30, 2005

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve.

Wow, where did 2005 go? Time flies by real quickly when you're all stressed out and concentrated on finishing a final year project. I am so glad it's done and over with.

Let's see what happened to me (that I can remember off the top of my head) in 2005.
1. won a bunch of online and mail-in contests.
2. stopped winning those contests in July.
3. acquired three blogs (Friendster, Yahoo 360 and this one)
4. had mini-mental breakdowns when beset by numerous setbacks in final year project. But I pulled through in the end! :) It helped that I don't live in a high-rise apartment, and if I managed to squeeze through the louvred windows, I'd hit the ground real quick. No upstairs here! Well, there is the roof, but I'm afraid of climbing that unsteady ladder to get there. hahahaha...
5. went to the PC Fair in August, met some of the forummers who frequent The Chip forum. Got a goodie bag. :) Not that I expected anything, mind you!
6. was offered to be one of the moderators at the Lounge section of the forum. I'm glad it's in the Lounge, as I don't think I'm that technically informed. Erm, that's about it. Nothing much happens in my small town.

Okay, time for pet peeves. If there's one thing I do not like, it's people who suddenly stop in their tracks, oblivious to the fact that there are people behind them. This includes stopping in front of the escalators, shopping aisles, and busy paths (think PC Fair). My mother is one of these people who stop abruptly. Drives me nuts and it drives her nuts when I tell her there are people behind her.

Followed Mum to town yesterday. First we went to Kamdar because Mum needed to replace the upholstery on our older sofa. And here's another pet peeve of mine. The guy who attended to us had already stated that a certain material was not suitable because sharp objects would snag and warp it. What does Mum do? The guy is off to look for other suitable options, and Mum rubs her diamond ring across the material. Tsk! The guy already said it would happen! And then she starts snagging her ring on the other materials. For one thing, it's not fair to the shopkeeper, and it's not fair to the people who plan to buy that material. You can't say that she's checking the quality. She was already told that it was not suitable and that it would snag. If I had a shop, I'd ban my Mum.

Then we went across the road to a supermarket. Spent about 15 mins and didn't buy anything. Checked out this semi-new 'supermarket' just next to the TM building. Mostly imported from China. Then I suggested we go to the shop that sells biscuits (just across the road and behind the TNB office). So we walked across the road and Mum bought biscuits for Dad. I looked around while Mum met the girl (now a woman) who used to work at Glutton Square with her parents. She's a mother of five now. Had four girls and she was determined to have a son.

I settled on a RM2.00 packet of 'biskut kapal terbang' (airplane biscuits). They are reddish, a hint of spicy and shaped like little airplanes. Not quite a true biscuit. More like a crispy snack.

Then we walked back to the car and headed for Astaka, another supermarket across town. Looked around at the grocery section. Lingered over the fruit juices and jelly section. Noticed a 'special offer' on the almost expired jellies (best by 5th January 2006). According to the sign strung over the said jellies, RM0.89 (and at the bottom, [paper square covering something] x 120gm). The jellies were in packs of two. One packet was 120gm. There were two individual packets among the packs. Now, obviously the sign means RM0.89 for one packet, right? I tell Mum about this special offer and she asks the salesperson. Salesperson says the price is for a packet only, not for the pack.

Mum figures that this is not a cheap price. Tries to convince the salesperson that it's more logical if the pack was priced at RM0.89. Anyways, the salesperson starts opening the packs and pricing them. Had she not done that, I think she would have gone into a debate over why it should cost RM0.89 for a pack.


* Added 'Articles/Journals' section to sidebar. Noticed some accidental visitors looking for information related to 'Do Not Resuscitate' orders. How did I find them? First I Googled for "science journals" and "articles", then clicked on the links to the sites and then inserted "Do Not Resuscitate" into the Search boxes provided on these sites.

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