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Friday, May 26, 2006

No more caterpillars! :(

It's been three days since I last saw any caterpillars on the lime leaves. I'm afraid that they (from the smallest of the small until the medium-sized green caterpillar) have all fallen victim to either birds, wasps/hornets or other caterpillar-eating/killing creatures.

Oh well. It's like revenge of the plants. The periwinkle would have been killed if the juicy caterpillars kept up their eating rampage. It's biological warfare (I mean, control) to the rescue! And here I thought I would finally witness a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis. I suppose there will be plenty more caterpillars where they came from.

I wrote an e-mail to Habib Jewels and they replied today. They clarified that I won a pair of diamond earrings set in 18k white-gold. I am certainly happy, but I had visions of loose diamonds in a suitcase, or pouch (just like in the movies!). Well, sorry bro. I don't think I can chip away a little piece to replace your wayward ... chip of a diamond. *evil grin* You know I love ya, right? No, don't answer that! Hehehehe...

I might be in KL for a few days to attend the prize-giving ceremony. Not visiting anyone as the only destinations I'm concentrating on are my uncle's house, Ampang Point and the bus station. I may get an xD Picture card to replace the busted one I have now. :( The one major downside to winning the LS755 - freakingly expensive external memory. If I had a choice in it, I'd have opted for something that uses SD cards. *sigh* RM180 gone for a measley 128MB. Oh, and I also intend to buy myself a Samsung optical mouse, which I am told is around RM20. That's all I intend to get during my trip to KL. Nothing more, nothing less.

Still no news from those A4grabs people. I really hope I haven't been scammed. GRRR! I have half a mind to torch their business (after getting the hamper that I so rightly deserve, of course).

That's all from me. Take care, all!

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Min said...

Congratulations on your win! Are you still looking for a place to stay? Did you know I live in Ampang? ;D We have a guest room...