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Thursday, May 04, 2006

The day of immense inner rage

Maybe my mum took a placebo instead of her usual HRT tablet. Maybe something else set her off yesterday. Why the 'Maybe's? Well, I earned an earful just because I left the sandwich maker out the previous night. When I was just done with it, it was really hot. So I left it open to cool down and switched it off. When I was done eating my bread-butter-kaya, I promptly washed the plate and cup and put them aside where they usually go. Now, the sandwich maker is behind me. My line of sight is, sink, wall, door out of the kitchen. It's not that difficult to overlook it. And to put it away is really just three steps and push it between the microwave oven and the convection oven. No ladders, ropes or pulleys were needed in this operation. Mum lamented that it was the SECOND time I did such a crime. For one thing, she never mentioned my first offense. Had she done so, I would have been extra sure that I wouldn't do it again. And by the way, I've used this sandwich maker more than eight times. I told her that I tend to be a little forgetful and she accused me of not being thoughtful. And I shot back, saying that yes, I really enjoyed her nagging me and do this for my pleasure. That kept her quiet.

And Dad...wasn't really any concern of his, and I don't know why I tried to explain. What did I get from him? "Enough! I don't want to hear any of your excuses!" That REALLY got my inner Tiger-Leo steaming. So fine, I stopped talking and ate my lunch (I had it away from the table, in front of the TV). Mid-way through my lunch, I'd leave to go get a tissue in my parents' room. That's when the rash thoughts came to mind.

"Don't want to hear any excuses, eh? I'll show them! I'll...I'll cut my tongue!" And then I thought of possible cutting implements. Razor? A pair of scissors?

And then I thought some more. All that blood in my mouth seemed like a bad idea. And not being able to enjoy food for awhile (if a mouth ulcer is bad...imagine a cut tongue! Ouch!), well...that was torture in itself.

What if I made myself deaf by putting on my music at full volume? I wouldn't have to hear any nagging again. And then I thought about my CD collection, and my buying that MP3 player at the PC Fair. I wouldn't be able to listen to music! Or even watch Prison Break! Horrors!

Well, it looks like I won't be doing any harm to myself (or my organs). Best to inflict harm on others. Just kidding...I'm not like one of those crazy Japanese kids who got nuts and bludgeon their parents/grandparents to death as a result of excessive nagging. No offense to any Japanese who might stray here via PhotoFriday or Interfacelift.

I found a few interesting sites/blogs while googling for my street. One is devnullnikita and the other is Kecek-kecek. I like the bits in Kecek-Kecek where the blogger reminisces about the old Kuala Terengganu, when roads didn't have names of Sultans.

It occurred to me that if I left my url while leaving comments, I'd better have something interesting to write. *grin*

The Star Mother's Day contest is over. Will I not win again, as I did last year? Only time will tell. I'd be happy just getting the RM500 consolation prize (to be given to Mum in her quest to buy a good mattress after 30 years). It's not really a mattress anymore, more like a lump. *grin*

That it from me for now. Take care all!


daftsavant said...

Heh, I knew I shouldn’t profile my Technorati with Jirat Cina in it, but then the search engine spider would tangle its web to mine sooner or later.

I read Dina Zaman too (and somehow from some tech related comment in her website, I got to be in her YM list—I giggle like a groupie) and Idlan Zakaria, in fact I even subscribed both to their multiple RSS feeds in their website and Malaysia Kini’s Rentak Kini (save me the time for entries update). I found yours incidentally through Idlan entry on the DVD give away (and through my blog obviously). Gee, you really are one lucky gal. I scanned through your blog and it seems you did win something for every competition participated AND you got to chat with Ian Wright! He’s a joy to watch indeed, although I never did find his dental flaws…noticeable. I never knew he’s married too.

Oh, you read Kecek-Kecek too, than you do know the other name for Jalan Pusara is Jalan Wailis (Wireless). Try reading Di Bawah Rang Ikang Kering, Mr. Bustaman sometimes reminiscence about the old Terengganu.

Totally understand the sandwich maker part. I’m one lazy hygienic-slob—an oxymoron? I fried the eggs in there, did the Egg In A Basket bread and sandwiches of course. It’s pretty hot to wipe those burning cheese, charred black bits of egg and the bread crumbs, even if it’s Teflon to start with. I don’t want to ruin my palatable session with burned fingers. I tend to forget…but mum “rarely” nags. Hehehe…*run*

Tigrrr said...

I first read Dina when she wrote Dina's Dalca in NST. Waah, on her YM lucky *in awe*. *eg* Anyways, so you found me first when I left a comment in your blog or hers? Because if it was on hers and I found your blog. Ooeerr...creepy scary! Naah, more like, there aren't many people around here who leave comments/blog urls. And that round of winning prizes was a real fluke. Even I wouldn't have believed it myself. EIGHT months? Did I accidentally sell my soul to the devil? Will I see The Collector at my doorstep one day? Not every contest lah. More losses than wins, and of course, I never mention the losses (I usually forget the contests I enter - if I win, hooray, if I lose - I dunno I lost). As for Mr. Wright's teeth, I think I noticed that one time because he was *gasp* *shock* *horror* Smoking on TV. Boo hiss!

Thanks for the link, DS. First post I see is a scooter. Cool! Eggs in a basket! Cute! *lol* Your Mum may nag rarely, but I bet that when she does...oh boy! Run for cover, eh? So YOU were the one subscribing then! Hmmm, I suppose I'll plus one to the other 2 semi regulars. hehehe...take care.

p/s: bodoh kan, try to keep anonymous, padahal use my name in the url. What to do? Tigrrr already taken, and that makcik hasn't updated in almost a year! GRRR!

daftsavant said...

Entah...maybe we discover each blog in the same day. Serendipity? Eerie...

If you mean Bloglines that's me :) Oh, I subscribe to yours too, just because. The other devnullnikita blog is meant to be RSS feeds repository, although I kept most of local blog I read on private. Seganlah, I'm only a passive reader. Rarely comment on other person blog.

Cute? The horror!

PS: Johann Faust you're not.