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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

On the glass door of a bank

Went to three banks on Monday. The first was to accompany my bro. The second was to withdraw some money from the ATM, and the third was to bank in money into the A4Grabs account for the delivery charges.

There was limited seating at the third bank and my bro opted to stand. When there was less of a crowd and the seat next to me was free, my bro sat there. When Dad arrived after parking the car, my bro stood up to offer his seat, but Dad hesitated...and somebody else decided to sit there instead. Hehehe...he who hesitates misses out on a seat. On the door of this particular bank, are the words, "Authorized Personal Only". I was tempted to tell the teller about this, but when my number was called, some woman (her number was 1*27 while mine was 1*29) was standing in front of me. And the teller guy was all chatty with her *fume*. I figured that I'd let the mistake live on to entertain those who are more observant and aware.

Tuesday. The day was hot and humid...and then the skies turned dark and gray.

I was eagerly awaiting the rain. I could hear the thunder in the distance. Shot a pic of two magpie robins on the electric wires.

It started raining with a vengeance. Wind blowing like it was celebrating its 100th birthday (a lot of candles to blow out). Lightning flashed overhead, like the lightbulb in a photographer's studio. As the rain grew heavier, I decided to open the front door to admire the torrent or raindrops. And then SUDDENLY...

I noticed white bits bouncing off the paved driveway. IT WAS HAILING! In warm, sunny Kuala Terengganu! I couldn't believe my eyes! I started yelling out like I won the lottery, "HailSTONES! HailSTONES!" all the way to the kitchen, where everybody else was. It was around 5:10pm. We could see hail falling on the grass. And then my bro goes off to pick a few, getting hit in the process. It was ice, of course. But we held on to it like it was a remnant of the Gospel of Judas (yeah, yeah...buzzword of the century). *grin* The hailstones ranged in size from pebble-sized to the size of a five-sen coin (premie baby golf ball?). While all this thunder and lightning and hailing was going on, Mum gets this bright idea for me to call the Star (a local newspaper) office to report this weather anomaly. Errr, there's lightning flashing overhead, and I saw that episode of Mythbusters where they tried to recreate lightning to see what happens when you're on the phone and it strikes. Not a pretty sight, let me tell you. Think flames, think burning curtains, think a dead you with a smoldering ear next to the receiver.

And when the rain died down...

I went back to the garden to assess the situation. The bougainvillea bush had fallen over (I hope my cacti haven't been crushed), and a dead durian branch hung precariously on a lower branch. I just HAD to pull it off. Went to the back to check on the caterpillars. Only found two of them.

The bigger of the two seemed fine. The smaller caterpillar seemed like it wasn't having a good day. It was soaked and in a puddle. It must have caught a chill by now. Anyways, apparently the hailstorm was mentioned in the news tonight, but we missed it because we had to send my brother and sister-in-law to the bus station. There'd better be a mention in tomorrow's news.

My bro asked for the url of this blog and he's seen some of the entries. *g* Well, as long as my sister doesn't know about this blog, I should be fine *looks at bro* *grin*

That's all for now. Take care, all!


daftsavant said...

What, no hailstones pics? No digg. Hehehe.

Tigrrr said...

=Þ If they didn't melt so fast, I would have taken pix, okay?? And where were you?? How come I have to take pix?