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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Hailstorm aftermath

I noticed the other day, as I looked up from under the Papaya tree, that the leaves bore proof of the hailstorm. So I snapped some. There was one leaf that was hanging for dear life.

Not much damage in our garden. I read that in some areas, houses collapsed and roofs were blown off.

The fat, green caterpillar on the soursop leaf is GONE! Where could it be? Why do I spot caterpillars one day before they go missing? Are the birds checking my blog to see where they are? *grin*

Can't think of anything else to write about. And some people have complained about the length of my entries. Yes, you, Beastie!! =Þ

That's all from me, take care all!


Andrew said...

Hailstorm? Malaysia mane ade hailstorm? Turtle ooh turtle..

Tigrrr said...

Oh, we DO have hailstorms. You're just not not aware of it. =Þ