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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

High on a Happy Vibe

I got a call at 1pm from the mystery shopping people. They need more people in KT who have internet access, proficient in English and have time to spare. I really couldn't give them any leads, as all the friends I know (!) are out of state. Have no colleagues either. If there's anybody in KT reading this who meets the above criteria, please leave a comment either in the tagboard (if it's working) or at the end of this post.

At 2pm, I got a call from a representative of Habib Jewels. She said I won a consolation prize in their contest! She told me the details of the prize-giving ceremony and that if I was unable to attend it, then I would have to appoint a representative.

Happy and all, but now I have a dilemma. Sis will be here and I won't have a place to stay. My best friend will be recovering from a long flight back from LA and I seriosuly do not want to impose on her and her family. I can't really appoint a representative because these are diamonds we're talking about.

Yesterday, my mum and I attended the official opening of her friend's bakery. We had samples of her buns and tarts. After an hour, we were approached by an employee of the pet shop where we had parked the car. (We had asked for permission first before parking in front of the pet shop). While waiting for the lorry/truck to move out of the way (our car was blocking their loading area), I poked my fingers into the bunny cage. They were panting in the heat of the afternoon sun. Their fur was soooo soft. Only RM15 for a cute bunny rabbit. *sigh*

It's time for American Idol. I'm off.


daftsavant said...

Miss Fluke done it again! Congrats.

Sorry for not being your pool + literati partner anymore. "relationship" issue.

Oh, you know who.

Your logo is better than mine btw, try make them less blurry with sharpened edges.

Tigrrr said...

ok, ok...I'll do that. Hmmm...

And that's okay. Relationships are more important than Pool and Literati. Besides, I may have found another player who seems to be nocturnal. And he's got a mouse that WORKS! Unfortunately, he wins his games. I'd choose to play with you any day (for pool). For Lit...ahem, no contest. Hehehe