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Saturday, May 06, 2006

I survived!

I woke up at 6:01am, to the raspy singing of Bryan Adams. I set it that way. *yawn* By the time I was done with my daily routine in the loo, it was 6:10am. Heated up Mum's yam cake and tried to ignore the fact that I was using the 3-in-1 Ovaltine that had expired Nov 2005. My parents keep telling me that expiration dates aren't to be taken seriously. (If you suddenly see a news article about me donating my organs, you'll know what I ate as my last meal - something that had expired). Barely two mouthfuls of yam cake and a cautious sip of the Ovaltine, Mum was hovering at the kitchen door. "We're going at 6:30," she reminded me. I looked at the time. It was 6:20am.

Fine. I put the plate of yam cake back into the meatsafe, threw away the Ovaltine - found something grey floating in it and it DID taste a little off. *yawn* One good thing about having my laptop on my bed...I can have a nice 20sec lie-down on my feather pillows whenever I feel like it. *yawn* And by the time I was out of the door, it was 6:40am.
We used the shortcut, passing the hospital quarters and crowing roosters. I don't know why Mum didn't want to use the zebra crossing in front of the hospital, so we jaywalked to get to the beach. I opted to walk to the beach instead of the jogging track. I hoped to get a nice shot of the sunrise. Of course, with my luck, there will ALWAYS be a huge cloud in the way. It's ALWAYS like that! Grrr. *yawn* (these are real-time yawns). In the distance, I could see heavy rain (none of which arrived here). *yawn* Met a couple and made small talk in front of the A&W. Digi had something on and there were many little white- and yellow-roofed tents. Alas, the event was to begin at 10am. There was an inflatable climbing thingy (with ropes), and an inflatable jousting would have been fun, but the event ended at 1pm, so I couldn't go.

We walked around the jogging track that encircled the former MSAM2006 site, and then headed for the other jogging track. I said, "HUH? I thought we walked enough! We only start walking HERE?" Ugh...I am not a morning person, especially with two mouthfuls of yam cake and two small sips of poisoned Ovaltine.

So Mum banished me to one of the empty benches. I watched other people exercising. And then I looked up. No, I didn't see a UFO. I saw a cloud that looked like a face in profile. Bushy eyebrows, jutting nose, maybe a moustache, and a small chin. Maybe I just have an active imagination. =)

Speaking of UFOs, I was thinking that if a UFO has been identified as a UFO, would it then be an identified flying object? Yeah, that was the Ovaltine talking. *yawn* The idea came to me after the newspaper report in the New Straits Times yesterday of an alleged UFO caught on camera by a tourist in Penang. Report here. I don't know how long the item will be there, so best check it out now. On one hand, I don't think a tourist (who declined to be identified) would have time to procure a copy of PhotoShop to UFO-ize the photo. On the other it a coincidence that the hotel Public Relations officer's surname is 'Scully'? Where's Mulder? *eg* So yeah, my taking that sunrise-hidden-by-clouds pix was also an attempt at capturing some UFO of my own. But I guess the aliens are just day-trippers. A quick whizz by Penang and Malaysia is crossed out of the list of countries to visit. Maybe the aliens should have taken the time to answer the Tour-sm Malaysia survey.

Noticed a group of senior citizens yakking away in some Chinese dialect. Mum identified them as the 'swinging' group. No, it's not what you think. They swing their arms (I think) to exercise. Or I could be wrong and they swing that way too. *evil grin*

Saw Mum walking several rounds with another woman. Waited...felt tummy starting to growl (my inner Tiger). Waited some more. Felt sleepy. I've had gastric problems in the past, and I wasn't going to wait until I had unbearable stomach pains before looking for her. I walked towards her and her friend and said that I was getting hungry. The 'auntie' commented that I was thin and didn't have to exercise (yaay! Some logic at last! I know, she's one of those people with the incorrect assumption that if you're skinny, you don't need to exercise - but I LIKE her). So we started walking back. We crossed the road in front of the Istana Nur Nadhirah and I found some lovely flowers to snap at.

We arrived home at 8:50am. I ate the rest of the yam cake and drank some cold water and I was in bed by 9:20am. I was awakened for lunch at 12:50pm. Had lunch, transferred my photos and here I am now.

*yawn* What should I do now? Hmmm...Zzzz...I don't think I will be invited back for early morning exercises any time soon. *evil grin* *yawn* Excuse me for my incessant yawning. I didn't sleep much last night. Tossing and turning was the main activity between 1am and 6:01am (hmm, I suppose that is already a form of exercise!). I should have just stayed awake until 6am.

That's it from me. Take care all!

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daftsavant said...

Sedentary existence errr… exercise is what I did today. *yawn* Just look at the weather, purrrfect for a nap.

Tigrrr said...

Yup, perfect for a *yawn* nap, but I agreed to follow Mum to Astaka/Mydin later this *yawn* evening.

Maybe I can squeeze in 20 mins of Zzzs? Take care then...actually, it's a LOVELY day to go swimming. Shame the public pool is being repaired (well, better that than total abandonment). Ahah! Checking out my semi-abandoned Friendster blog, eh? I heavily censored myself in there, seeing that all my uni friends and other acquaintances can read it. Not many people know about this site and I plan to keep it that way. Hence my refusal to PPS or whatever-S the site. =)

daftsavant said...

I don't ping too. It's my humble sanctum sanctorum to start with. Pardon for copulating eh, silap, populating the TagBoard. Truth to be told, there's only one or two blog that I actively participate (comment, tagging).

I didn't went to that swimming pool since ages ago (except for KFC, hahaha).

Gee, you do login to your friendster. I don't do social-networking much tho.

Tigrrr said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Tigrrr said...

That's okay. The tagboard is happy to have some attention. Otherwise, I won't check my blog (takut the sitemeter stats go haywire) - but the other counter is obviously not accuratelah. It's mostly my own visits. And I appreciate your active (stalker-like) participation here. Makes life in KT a little more bearable. LOL.

The only reason I logged into Friendster was to change my e-mail. I lost it in a phising scam. If I hadn't, I don't think I'd bother going there. I don't network either.